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Khamzat Chimaev faces backlash from fans as he goes against Dana White, leading to negative consequences for the undefeated star. “Usman Gotta Shut This Dude Up” is the rallying cry.

Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa had a disagreement, but it ended up being for naught as Costa had to withdraw. The reason for his withdrawal was legitimate and would have affected any fighter. An elbow injury required surgery and rendered Costa unable to compete in his profession for a period of time. Most individuals, including Dana White, would concur that the injury needed to be addressed.

On the contrary, Chimaev continuously teased and taunted Costa. During a recent press conference for UFC 294, Chimaev didn’t hold back in his insults towards Costa and didn’t appear convinced by his claims of injury.

of his fight:

Khamzat Chimaev explains the reason behind Paulo Costa’s withdrawal from their scheduled fight.

Chimaev is known as one of the most combative competitors in the UFC. This holds true for both his actions inside the cage and his behavior outside of it. His verbal attacks are just as precise as his physical strikes and his grappling skills. During a recent interview, Dana White was also present and discussing Paulo Costa.

Chimaev stepped in at this point, calling out Costa for not showing up to fight and accusing him of backing out at the last minute. He disregarded any discussion of injury and continued to taunt Costa without showing any signs of giving up.

“The guy went home man,” Khamzat Chimaev told a reporter. “Sh*t himself . . . be honest bro he sh*t himself that’s why (he pulled out).” Chimaev interrupted White as he explained to the press that Costa really did have to pull out because of his serious injuries.


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The message was shared by the account MMA Junkie on Instagram.

“I can vouch for it, trust me. If it wasn’t legitimate, I would be the first to speak up,” stated White, who was standing beside Chimaev and Alexander Volkanovski. Currently, fans are outraged by Chimaev’s disrespectful remarks towards a defenseless Costa. The comments section is filled with anger towards ‘Borz’.

Supporters protest Chimaev’s assertions.

Fans are aware that Paulo Costa’s injury prevented him from facing ‘Borz’. The highly anticipated fight was ultimately cancelled due to the injury. Even Dana White acknowledges this fact. However, Chimaev’s recent call out of Costa has disappointed some fans. Here are their reactions.

“I am relieved that Dana is not criticizing Costa for something beyond his control.”

“Regardless of your opinion, the Costa injury was severe and quite unpleasant.”

Some fans were pleased that White was standing up for Costa, but others were quick to attack Chimaev.

“Do you recall when Khamzat decided to retire because he was feeling a little unwell? LOL.”

“Khamzat nearly quit due to the common cold.”

The fans may be bringing back memories for Chimaev of his struggles with the notorious COVID-19 virus, during which he believed he might not survive.

“Usman will silence this individual”

“Kindly ask Usman to humble this individual.”

“He only fights once a year and barely manages to win against a 155-pound opponent, yet he still talks trash. I’m looking forward to seeing him get humbled.”

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It is evident that there are fans who are eager to see Khamzat Chimaev lose in his upcoming fight against top-ranked Kamaru Usman at UFC 294. Usman is fully prepared for the match and even has supporters from Costa’s camp. Will ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ emerge victorious? Only the outcome of the fight will reveal the answer.

Dana White confirms that the highly anticipated fight between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa is in jeopardy. Watch the story for more details.

The article titled “Usman Gotta Shut This Dude Up” discusses the consequences faced by Khamzat Chimaev for going against Dana White, resulting in a backlash from his previously supportive fans.