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After being traded by the Clippers for Terance Mann, James Harden experiences a harsh awakening.

James Harden has stated that he is not willing to play for the Philadelphia 76ers during this season. He had previously requested a trade, but the Sixers were unable to find a suitable deal to fulfill his request. This caused tension between Harden and Daryl Morey, the President of the Sixers. As a result of the summer conflict, Harden chose to take matters into his own hands by skipping team practice and all preseason games.

The Clippers and 76ers have been engaged in ongoing discussions regarding a potential trade of Harden to Los Angeles. While the two sides were close to reaching a deal, Harden received a tough reality check when the Clippers chose Terance Mann instead of the former MVP.

James Harden receives a wake-up call.

The ongoing drama of the James Harden trade appeared to be coming to an end. The 76ers’ management requested a first-round draft pick swap, an unprotected first-round pick, and backup guard Terance Mann from the Clippers in exchange for Harden. However, the Clippers put a stop to the negotiations and stated they were not willing to surrender Mann for Harden. This decision prompted NBA analyst Nick Wright to give Harden a blunt reminder, “This should serve as a wake-up call for James Harden.”


The choice of selecting Mann instead of Harden by the Clippers caused Daryl Morey to doubt their commitment to obtaining the former MVP. While Terance Mann serves as a supporting player for the Clippers and averages 8 points per game throughout his career, James Harden is a former MVP and considered one of the top point guards in the league. Therefore, Harden must evaluate why the Clippers are unwilling to trade for him, whether it is due to his controversial reputation or their aging lineup.

Why was Terance Mann chosen by the Clippers instead of James Harden?

The Clippers in Los Angeles have an older group of players. They rank as the second oldest team in the league, with Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and Paul George all being at or beyond their peak. Bringing on James Harden, who is 34 and past his prime, would only worsen their future issues. The impending free agency of both Leonard and George will hinder the Clippers’ future, as they lack young talent.

Stephen A. Smith criticizes James Harden’s “mutiny” against Daryl Morey, despite Morey’s contributions over the years, suggesting they may have even cuddled.

The Clippers are determined to retain 27-year-old Terance Mann as a reserve guard, recognizing his potential for success and the team’s improved performance when he plays. Meanwhile, James Harden’s attempts to leave Philadelphia may ultimately fail if he exhausts all potential destinations.

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EssentiallySports reported that James Harden was given a tough reminder when the Clippers passed on him for Terance Mann.