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“I am awesome”: Dominik Mysterio bravely confronts his internet bully while ‘Mami’ Rhea Ripley is away.

For the past two weeks, Rhea Ripley has served as Dominik Mysterio’s protector, shielding him from danger. However, she is currently unable to fulfill this role and Dominik is successfully defending himself against his adversaries.

Initially, he successfully defended his championship on Raw without any assistance from Ripley who was not present at ringside. Furthermore, he also protected himself against a wrestler who has consistently taunted him on various social media platforms. Recently, Chelsea Green mocked him on Twitter but it ultimately backfired as Dom retaliated with a fierce retort to her insult.

Dominik Mysterio is well-equipped to handle trolls.

After watching Raw this week, Green took to Twitter and made a sarcastic remark about Mysterio’s hair. She insulted the North American Champion, saying that it looked like he forgot to wash and repeat his mullet.


Ripley was furious with Green for disrespecting her partner, and she even replied to the offensive tweet. It appeared that Green may have faced consequences for insulting Dom once Mami returned to Raw, but Mysterio took matters into his own hands.

He responded to the tweet, stating that he uses shampoo and conditioner, rinses and repeats because he is confident in his abilities. This tweet may have silenced Green, as if she does not comply, she may face more than just a harsh response from “The Eradicator.”

Be cautious! Changing room…

Ripley has promised to hold accountable those responsible for last week’s events, particularly targeting a few individuals he considers to be rising stars. In case you need a reminder, here’s a brief summary. During Raw, Cody Rhodes publicly embarrassed Ripley and continued to provoke him during their scheduled match, ultimately resulting in Rhodes claiming victory.

Dominik Mysterio’s actions have shown extreme disrespect towards his father, Rey Mysterio, and have brought shame to his family’s tradition of Lucha wrestling.

The following day, on WWE’s developmental show, Dom was the target of attacks from several wrestlers. On the most recent episode of NXT, he competed against Carmelo Hayes. During the match, Hayes threw Dom onto the announcer’s table, accidentally striking Ilja Dragunov.

Mysterio forcefully threw Melo towards Dragunov and also struck him in the face. An enraged Dragunov entered the ring and attacked Mysterio, causing the referee to declare the match a disqualification and declare Dom as the victor. Later on, Dragunov performed a Torpedo Moskau on Mysterio, but Dom was able to avoid it and Hayes ended up taking the blow instead.

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Mysterio made an attempt to flee, but was caught by Dragon Lee who delivered a powerful kick to his face. As a result, Ripley swore to seek revenge against all those who harmed her Latino Heat.

However, Mysterio has begun to take revenge by responding to Green. What is your opinion on Dominik Mysterio’s fierce response towards Green? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Dominik Mysterio stands up to a troll during Rhea Ripley’s absence in a post titled “I’m the Sh*t” on EssentiallySports.