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After a remarkable winning streak in the NCAA, a rising star in Penn State’s wrestling team has emerged as the leading contender for the U23 World Championship.

The U23 World Wrestling Championship will begin in just a few days, starting on October 23, 2023. Competitors from multiple universities are training for an exciting tournament in Tirana, Albania. Among the many wrestlers vying for victory, a renowned American wrestler will be showcasing their skills in the 86kg weight class.

Aaron Brooks, a former wrestler for Penn State University, has won the NCAA championship three times. In a recent social media post, it was predicted that Brooks would be a top contender for the upcoming U23 Championship. This is evidenced by his impressive performance against an Olympic champion and three-time world champion in a wrestling match.

The dominant force in the 86kg weight class of wrestling.

Aaron Brooks has been dominating the NCAA wrestling scene, remaining undefeated since 2021. He has also achieved three Big Ten Championships and won the 2017 Cadet championship. The Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC) recently showcased him on their Instagram account, acknowledging his participation in the U23 World Wrestling Championship.


See this post on Instagram.


The Titan Mercury Wrestling Club has shared a post.

The caption was included in the post.“@aaron_mbrooks ready for all the action at #wrestletirana. The 2023 @teamusa U23 World Team member at MFS 86kg looks to earn his 3rd age-group world medal after winning Cadet gold medal in 2017 and Junior world silver in 2018.” 

TMWC’s post received approval for the Penn State Nittany Lion in the U23 Championship.

The post also mentioned that Brooks came in second place at the Final X. The person who ultimately defeated Brooks and secured a spot in the World Wrestling Championship was David Taylor, the current Olympic Champion.

Beating Brooks requires the skill of a three-time World Champion.

Taylor is a three-time world champion in wrestling and currently holds the Olympic gold medal. At the Final X selection campaign for the 86kg slot in Belgrade, Aaron Brooks and David Taylor competed against each other. While Taylor was already guaranteed a spot in the match, Brooks earned his place by winning the gold medal at the US Open. Despite his impressive record as a three-time NCAA champion, Brooks was unable to defeat the highly skilled Magic Man from Penn State University.

Newly Crowned World Champion Inherits Cornel


Taylor defeated Brooks 2-0 in a three-game match. Although Taylor easily won the first set with a score of 6-0, he struggled in the second set with a close score of 5-4. This demonstrates Brooks’ strong wrestling skills and determination in the U23 tournament. TMWC has eight other potential contenders for the tournament, including the two-time World Champion Amit Elor. Can Aaron Brooks make up for his previous loss in Belgrade at the Tirana tournament?

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