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After Stephen Curry, the ‘Golf Maestro’, defied odds of 12,500:1, NBA legend Dwyane Wade also made an incredible shot, solidifying his skills for life.

Stephen Curry is highly skilled in the sport of basketball, but in golf, he was seen as inexperienced until recently. However, his performance in this year’s ACC tournament changed that perception. Making a hole-in-one with odds of 12,500:1 is either a lucky coincidence or a display of exceptional mastery. Given Curry’s track record, it is safe to say that it was not simply luck and he has mastered the skill.

The Golden State Guard stood out among his peers until the arrival of the renowned Miami Heat player. One thing about achieving greatness is that it motivates and prompts others to do the same. This must have motivated Dwyane Wade so much that he pursued the Warrior Guard in order to make a name for himself.

Dwyane Wade emerges victorious at Pebble Beach.

Dwyane Wade is widely recognized for his love of golf. His videos alongside Tiger Woods clearly demonstrate his passion for the sport. It is not surprising that he went to great lengths to replicate the impressive shot that earned Steph Curry widespread attention. The Miami Heat legend successfully recreated the challenging 12,500:1 odds shot, as shown in the video below.


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After reaching a similar level of skill, Steph and Dwyane will inevitably face off in a celebrity tournament, finally determining the superior golfer.

What makes Stephen Curry proficient in all aspects?

Whether it’s Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, they both have a reputation for being extremely dedicated in their endeavors. Stephen Curry shares that same trait. In a past interview with Andre Iguodala, he was questioned about Steph’s exceptional abilities. Iggy responded by praising Steph and describing him as uniquely gifted, comparing him to a character from the film ‘The Accountant’ known for his attention to detail and precision.

After Mark Cuban, a billionaire, made a request for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to end their alleged relationship, Donald Trump has taken a stance against them.

After billionaire Mark Cuban expressed his desire for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to end their rumored romance, Donald Trump has taken a strong stance opposing them.

If the topic was regarding Steph, the statement also pertains to Dwyane Wade. Those who witnessed the early stages of D Wade’s career and his first NBA championship would agree that he possessed unique qualities. Esteemed players like Shaq and Gary Payton allowed him to take on a leadership role.

Hopefully, we will have the chance to see Dwyane at the ACC tournament next year. It is certain that Stephen Curry will be in attendance.

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After achieving a remarkable feat of beating 12,500:1 odds in golf, Stephen Curry, also known as the “Golf Maestro,” has received praise from NBA legend Dwyane Wade for his incredible shot. Wade expressed his admiration by stating that Curry is “locked in for life.” This update was shared on EssentiallySports.