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Is it possible for Coach Prime Deion to bring back the same magic he had on the football field to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife Pilar Sanders?

Deion Sanders, coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, is making magic inside the gridiron, but what about outside? The 56-year-old coach has been very successful in his latest venture as a coach. He was able to lead the Buffaloes to a 3-0 consecutive win in his first 3 games. Though he wasn’t welcomed to the field with open arms by few, he was able to let his team’s performance speak for him. While his career has been nothing short of inspirational, his personal life is still something to vouch for.

The two-time champion of the Super Bowl has had relationships with three women in the past. He and his second ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, have a tumultuous history together. Pilar and Deion have two sons, Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, who are both on the Colorado Buffaloes team. Pilar has had a difficult relationship with Coach Prime, but she continues to support her sons, even though they play for her ex-husband’s team. Could this support potentially rekindle a romantic relationship between the former couple?

Pilar Sanders and her constant support for her children

The actress, who is now 43 years old, was formerly married to Deion Sanders for more than ten years until their split in 2013. Despite going through a difficult and tumultuous legal battle with the NFL Hall of Famer, she has shown that a mother’s love endures through all challenges. She regularly shares her sons’ achievements on her Instagram account.


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Pilar Sanders shared a post on her Instagram account.

Pilar has consistently been open about her displays of affection for her children. Her unwavering support for them during difficult times reflects the deep love she has for them. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares photos of herself with her two sons, often accompanied by heartfelt captions expressing her adoration for them.


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Pilar Sanders shared a post on her Instagram account (@pilarsanders).

She takes pride in being a mother and it is evident in her unwavering support. Despite being a single parent and having a tumultuous relationship with her husband, her main focus is on her sons and their achievements in football. However, the details of their separation are quite unusual.

Pilar has consistently shown her support for the Colorado Buffaloes, but she never seems to praise her ex-husband. Their relationship was marked by numerous events and conflicts that amazed fans. The end of their marriage was highly publicized, which explains the tension between them.

The violent separation of Pilar and Deion Sanders.

In 1999, the couple wedded after Deions’ initial divorce. They remained married for ten years until their relationship deteriorated and they chose to separate in 2013 for unspecified reasons. In the first custody dispute, Deion was granted full custody of their three children while Pilar was only allowed visitation rights. However, their conflicts did not cease after the divorce was finalized.


On March 12, 2013, Pilar Sanders, accompanied by her lawyer Larry Friedman, addresses the press at the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney, Texas. This was after a jury ruled in favor of her estranged husband Deion Sanders in their custody battle over their three children.

Deion took legal action against the model and accused her of violence, leading to a court case. However, after an investigation, there was no evidence found to support these allegations. As a result, Pilar was granted primary custody of their sons. Their divorce has been highly publicized, shining a bright light on their children’s lives.

As Coach Prime, he supposedly sets an example, but his actions did not align with this title. Despite his accomplishments, the football world will always remember the controversies that occurred during his time. Pilar, his estranged wife, and Deion Sanders, who falsely accused her of domestic abuse, both seem unreliable and incapable of resolving their conflicts in a mature manner. However, the question remains: is there a chance for them to reconcile and reunite as a couple after all this time?

Is there a possibility of Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders reconciling?

Currently, both individuals do not appear to have a strong desire to reconcile, which could be for the better. There are reports that Coach Prime has been romantically involved with Tracey Edmonds, an American businesswoman. They reportedly met in 2012, one year prior to Deion’s divorce from Pilar, which raises some doubt. Pilar has mentioned rumors of Deion’s infidelity, but there has been no official confirmation.

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Deion and Edmonds have been in a relationship since 2012 and became engaged in 2019. The couple made their engagement public four years ago, but it appears that they are no longer together. This situation could potentially reflect on Coach Prime’s character and his hesitance to make a long-term commitment. Alternatively, it could be that he is fully focused on his latest coaching endeavor and not considering anything else at this time.

After 10 years of splitting with Coach Prime, Pilar Sanders still has a strong passion for Colorado football.

Pilar Sanders’ love for Colorado football remains evident a decade after her separation from Coach Prime.

Pilar was speculated to have become engaged to J Prince, the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records. However, she denied these rumors after fans noticed a ring on her finger. It is clear that she has no desire to reconcile with her former husband after their difficult separation. Some fans view her as a scorned woman who acted irrationally towards her ex-husband. In contrast, there are no criticisms directed towards Coach Prime, who is able to keep his personal life private and maintain a reputation of wisdom and discipline.

Can the pair reconcile and reunite or will their break-up be permanent as they heal from the wounds of their past relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Can Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, rekindle the spark beyond the football field and reconcile with his former wife, Pilar Sanders?