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Jake Paul’s coach reminds a past title holder to acknowledge their hypocrisy towards Tyson Fury before their upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou.

According to an old saying, when you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are actually pointing back at you. It is important to reflect on oneself before criticizing others. This may have been the motivation for BJ Flores to reverse roles and criticize former champion Carl Froch. Froch had placed the blame on Tyson Fury for the upcoming exhibition fight with Francis Ngannou. In response, Jake Paul’s trainer reminded Froch of the three fingers still pointing towards him.

On his podcast ‘Froch on Fighting,’ ‘The Cobra’ discussed the press conference where Tyson Fury caused a disturbance regarding him and Tony Bellew. ‘The Gypsy King’ stated that neither of the two boxers could ever attain wealth, leading to their bitterness. Fury also mentioned a potential deal, which he did not reveal details about, claiming it to be the biggest in boxing history. Carl Froch responded by highlighting his own financial success upon his return.

One for the master – Carl Froch

He clarified that in his fourteen-year career, Tyson Fury has achieved four credible wins over world champions. In contrast, he has a record of eleven wins. As the WBC champion, it is important for him to defend his titles against established champions. Froch expressed disappointment, stating that while it may be great to earn money now, it is important to consider one’s legacy in the long run. He believes that Fury’s current actions are detrimental to the sport and will not earn him a place at the top table among his peers. Froch urges Fury to defend his WBC belt and face skilled fighters like Usyk or Anthony Joshua.

However, despite his passionate disapproval of Fury’s recent exhibition fight, it is possible that fans have not overlooked his previous comments. In a conversation at the talksSPORT studio a few months ago, he discussed the offers he had been receiving. One of the hosts inquired if he would consider facing a YouTube influencer. Froch confidently stated, “Absolutely, especially Jake Paul! I would defeat him easily. But let’s be honest, he wouldn’t have the courage to face me.”

Here is a notification for you: BJ Flores.

BJ Flores, a former Cruiserweight contender and long-time trainer of Paul, responded by suggesting that Paul take a cue from the response he received. Flores reminded everyone that last year, it was Carl who called out Jake, so there is no need for “holier than thou” posts. Flores also noted that Tyson, as the heavyweight champion, does not need to be a concern for Carl.

Events, collaborations, and online personality confrontations have been quite effective in attracting audiences back to the arena. However, in the grand scheme of things, the impact on the sport itself and the legacies of the prominent figures is a topic of much discussion. This is not the first time Flores has championed a cause he believes in. Recently, he even proposed a bet with YouTuber Keemstar on the outcome of the upcoming Logan Paul versus Dillon Danis fight at MF & DAZN: X Series 10.

“May God bless the soul of Adrien Broner’s father figure, as he mourns the loss. Even Jake Paul’s trainer pays tribute to their late coach.”

Do you believe it was just for Froch to evaluate Tyson Fury? Please share your opinions and perspectives with us in the comments section.

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EssentiallySports reports that Jake Paul’s trainer has reminded a former world champion of their hypocrisy towards Tyson Fury as they prepare for a fight against Francis Ngannou.