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You mentioned that you are avid supporters of having multiple groups for Nest speakers.

Google Nest Hub Comparison

Previously, owners of Google Nest devices were able to group their speakers and smart displays into various speaker groups. However, due to a legal decision (likely involving Sonos), Google has now eliminated the option to add a Nest device to multiple groups.

We were curious if you utilized speaker groups initially. We asked this as a survey in our recent news article, and here are the results that you shared with us.

Do you utilize speaker groups on your Nest devices?


The poll received a lot of attention with nearly 5,500 votes recorded at the time of writing. The results revealed that 60.9% of participants have multiple groups for their Nest speakers. It is likely that the article caught the attention of many individuals who utilize multiple speaker groups and were concerned about Google’s recent changes. However, it is still intriguing to note the number of people who incorporate multiple speaker groups into their smart home setup.

In contrast, 17.1% of participants reported using a single Nest speaker group, and 16.4% stated that they do not use speaker groups at all. This suggests that these groups likely have a small number of Nest devices in their home, making multiple speaker groups unnecessary.

In total, 5.5% of the readers who were surveyed stated that they did not initially own a Nest device. It can be assumed that these individuals do not own any smart speakers or displays, or they use products from different brands.


  • For over a year, the speaker groups feature has not functioned correctly for me. As a result, I have stopped using it.

  • It is challenging to invest in Google products as one can anticipate encountering recurring problems. Whether it be facing legal complications or simply abandoning a project, there are often issues that arise.

  • One possible rewording could be: “It appears that a possible workaround for this issue is to simply utilize the Home app to add the desired speakers after starting the music. However, the legal decision behind this seems insignificant.”

  • Wolfie: Think my speakers are older so no issue I guess but kinda annoying. I have every room as a group and then I have every single speaker in a group called “home” in case I want everything to play
  • Tizio expresses strong dislike towards Sonos. They stopped using the brand before Google Home became popular due to their lack of innovation. Instead of improving their own products, Sonos focuses on making other brands look bad.