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The arrival of Samsung Good Lock 6: What to anticipate.

Samsung Good Lock 2021 Splash

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • Samsung has declared that Good Lock 6 will launch together with One UI 6.

  • The company announced some modifications and enhancements that will be implemented in these modules.

  • Samsung stated that their focus was on enhancing the fundamental aspects rather than introducing new functions.

The Good Lock modules are highly regarded features of Samsung phones, providing downloadable tools that allow for extensive customization of different aspects of the phone’s software.

Samsung has recently revealed on its Korean community forum (h/t: Android Central) that the Good Lock 6 suite of modules will launch alongside the One UI 6 firmware update. However, those anticipating a plethora of fresh features may be let down.

A representative from Samsung clarified (using machine translation) that adapting to a new version of Android posed a significant obstacle in the development of Good Lock. Therefore, the Good Lock 6 team is prioritizing fundamental adjustments to the modules rather than incorporating numerous new features.

What are the latest updates in Good Lock 6?

Samsung Good Lock Galaxy Store listing

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Some of the major updates being reported include the addition of the Edge Lighting Plus feature for devices that are not foldable, increased customization options for the volume panel through Sound Assistant, and new transition effects for Wonderland.

Samsung has announced that they are currently in the process of updating two of their modules, specifically Home Up and Theme Park. The Home Up module, which allows for customization of the One UI launcher, is undergoing significant changes to accommodate a larger range of styles. Additionally, the Theme Park module, used for creating themes, is being adjusted for improved performance when installing themes.

The company announced that Good Lock 6.1 will have some enhancements, such as a better Lock Star/Clock Face interface and keyboard gesture mapping and improved customization for keyboard touch sounds in the Keys Cafe module.

Samsung has announced that they are currently developing a Game Booster module that will be available in 2024. This add-on will provide users with a more personalized gaming experience, so those interested should be on the lookout for its release.