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Possible rewording: “The anticipated release of the Fitbit Versa 5 has sparked rumors about its price and specs, leaving fans eager to see what features it will offer.”

The Versa lineup, which includes Fitbit’s most popular smartwatches, has been highly favored by fans since it was first released in 2018. While the Sense series offers advanced sensors and health features, many users prefer the more affordable Versa smartwatch. At Android Authority, we particularly enjoyed the Versa 3, but were slightly let down by its successor. As expected, we are eagerly anticipating Fitbit’s next release. We will be monitoring leaks, rumors, and updates closely, so be sure to follow this hub for all the latest information on a potential Fitbit Versa 5.

Fitbit Versa 5: Quick Overview

  • When will it be released? The release date of the Fitbit Versa 5 is currently unknown, but based on previous patterns, it is likely to be launched in the fourth quarter of the year. This indicates that it may debut before the end of 2023.

  • What updates can we anticipate for the Fitbit Versa 5? We predict improvements in its packaging, design, and overall shape. It may also incorporate features from the Sense line, such as the cEDA sensor, among others.

  • What will be the price? We anticipate the Versa 5 to have a price comparable to its previous versions, with a starting price below $250.

Is a Fitbit Versa 5 in the works?

A Fitbit Versa 4 rests on a desk alongside a Fitbit Sense.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

We’d be very surprised not to see a Fitbit Versa 5. The line is well-established and still popular among Fitbit loyalists. Versas are one of the two main smartwatch lines in the company’s stable and offer a fantastic fitness-tracking experience. We can’t see the company folding it up without warning. Of course, now that Google owns Fitbit there is always the possibility that the company pools its resources into the Pixel Watch lineup instead, but we doubt it. At this point, it’s still early to know one way or the other.

When will the Fitbit Versa 5 be released?

  • Fitbit Versa: April 2018
  • The Fitbit Versa Lite was released in March of 2019.

  • Fitbit Versa 2: September 2019
  • Fitbit Versa 3: August 2020
  • Fitbit Versa 4: September 2022

The release schedule for the Versa lineup has not been very regular. Initially, the devices were launched yearly, with a gap in 2018, 2019, and 2020. However, the Fitbit Versa Lite was also introduced in 2019, but it was a more affordable product with fewer features.

The most recent version, on the other hand, was not released until 2022, skipping a year. Based on the absence of speculation and information leaks, we believe it is highly improbable that there will be a Versa 5 following the yearly release pattern and becoming available in the autumn. Rather, we anticipate the device will launch in 2024. We will continue to provide updates on this topic as we gather more information.

What specifications and characteristics can we expect from the Fitbit Versa 5?

A wrist wears a Fitbit Versa 4 with an Oura Ring 3 on the same hand.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Fitbit Versa 5 is expected to continue with the same design and features as its predecessors. This includes a large rounded rectangle watch case and a touchscreen AMOLED display. The design may also incorporate updates from the Versa 4, such as a lighter body and a physical button for easier use. Many users were pleased with the change from the capacitive button on the Versa 3. The Versa 5 is also likely to have an optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, and built-in GPS.

We anticipate that the smartwatch will have similar health and fitness features as previous models. These may include tracking steps, floors, heart rate zones, and Vo2 Max. We also expect the Fitbit sleep-tracking platform to be a prominent feature on the device. The Sleep Profile program is still considered one of the most effective methods for tracking sleep patterns on a wearable device.

The smartwatch situation is unclear at this time. The Versa 5 may continue the trend of the Versa 4 by providing a simpler smartwatch experience without Wi-Fi and third-party app support. We hope this is not the case. Another possibility is that the Versa 5 will bring back the more comprehensive experience that was initially available on the Versa 3, including apps, Wi-Fi, music storage, and more. We will have to wait and see how Google handles the balance between the Fitbit and Pixel Watch lines in the future. We do not anticipate losing any more features. The Versa 5 is expected to have features such as on-wrist phone calling, NFC support, and at least one voice assistant.

What will be the cost of the Fitbit Versa 5?

  • Fitbit Versa: $199
  • Fitbit Versa Lite: $159
  • Fitbit Versa 2: $200
  • Fitbit Versa 3: $229
  • Fitbit Versa 4: $229

Taking into consideration the ups and downs of the market, it is probable that the Fitbit Versa 5 will have a similar price as its previous models. The overall cost of the lineup has only slightly increased since 2018 and has remained consistent between the last two versions. It is unlikely that the company will make significant changes unless there are major enhancements to the line. If, for instance, Fitbit switches to the Wear OS operating system, then we may see a significant price rise. However, at this time, we do not anticipate such a drastic shift.

Is it worth waiting for the release of the Fitbit Versa 5?

A user powers on their Fitbit Versa 4.


The author of this piece is Kaitlyn Cimino from Android Authority.

Given the limited information available, it is difficult to determine if the Fitbit Versa 5 is worth waiting for. At this point, we do not even know how long the wait would be. However, there are numerous attractive options currently available and more expected to be released soon. If you are set on a Fitbit device, we suggest keeping an eye out for the upcoming Pixel Watch 2, scheduled to launch in the fall.

SM-R830) is now available

The latest model of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the SM-R830, is currently in stock and ready for purchase. ) is another powerful device with the latest Wear OS 4 on board. It’s only compatible with Android phones and Samsung phone’s generate the best experience. The Apple Watch Series 9 (

The top choice for iOS users is the Apple Watch SE 2022.

This product provides a comparable experience for an affordable cost.

which is coming later this year)

On the other hand, if a smartwatch is not a top concern, consider Fitbit’s upcoming Inspire 3 (set to release later this year).

The ( ) tracker is an excellent option for those new to fitness tracking, available at a lower cost. We are also monitoring speculation about the upcoming Fitbit Charge 6, expected to include some smart capabilities.

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What features do we hope to see in the Fitbit Versa 5?

A user accesses shortcuts by double tapping the button on their device.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It is never too early to begin creating a list of desired features. Here are the most desired features for the Versa 5.

The return of removed features

First and foremost, we want to see Fitbit undo the mistakes of the Versa 4. When the 2022 model landed, we were disappointed to see its smartwatch features stripped back to the bare minimum. Wi-Fi support, third-party app support, and Google Assistant were all missing from the new device at launch. Offline music was also taken away in March 2023. We want the Versa 5 to bring all these features back and keep Fitbit’s smartwatches competitive with the industry’s leaders.

is a very precise tool that can monitor changes in your body temperature throughout the day.

The temperature sensor in the Fitbit Sense line is a highly accurate device that tracks fluctuations in your body temperature throughout the day.

A Fitbit Versa 4 hangs in front of a gray surface, displaying the device's sensors.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

When comparing the Sense and Versa series, we suggest saving money by not including the additional sensors found in the Sense model. However, there is one health-tracking feature in the Sense that we hope Fitbit will add to the more affordable Versa line. Temperature monitoring is a crucial aspect of monitoring female health in detail. This data can help predict menstrual cycles and even retroactively identify fertile windows. Making this tool available on the Versa line would provide valuable benefits to a larger number of Fitbit users.

Less features limited to Fitbit Premium

Unfortunately, Fitbit Premium continues to be a problem within the ecosystem. As wearable prices rise, subscription services become more of a nuisance. While Fitbit provides valuable health and fitness tools, restricting access to user statistics through a paywall seems like a deceitful tactic to increase profits. We understand that this is a significant request and it is unlikely to be granted, but it doesn’t hurt to hope.