Monday, July 15, 2024


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It is now time to submit your Pixel 4a as Google discontinues software support.

Google Pixel 4a screen in hand 3

Acknowledgement: Image by David Imel from Android Authority.

  • According to recent updates, it seems that the Pixel 4a has reached the end of its software support.

  • The phone was originally scheduled to receive updates until August 2023.

  • It was not included in Google’s release of the September Android security update.

It seems that Google has stopped providing software support for the Pixel 4a. To clarify, this only applies to the non-5G version of the Pixel 4a. The Pixel 4a 5G will continue to receive software updates until at least November.

The standard version of the Pixel 4a has been removed from Google’s September 2023 Android security update (acknowledgement to DroidLife). According to the official software update page for Pixel phones, support for the Pixel 4a officially concluded in August 2023.

Google typically releases additional updates even after the designated end-of-life dates for its devices. However, the absence of a September update for the Pixel 4a may signal the end of its support.

Additionally, the Pixel 4a was not eligible for Google’s Android 14 program, which includes access to developer previews and public beta versions. Google had no plans to provide the phone with an update to the new software.

If you currently have a Pixel 4a, the release of Android 13 will mark the end of your phone’s software updates. While your phone may still be functioning properly, it is advisable to consider purchasing a new phone to avoid any potential security or bug issues in the future. There is a possibility that a final update will be released for the Pixel 4a in the near future, but it is unlikely to include any major feature upgrades.

The Pixel 4a 5G remains qualified for Android 14, and has also received the beta versions of the operating system. However, this will be the final major update for the device.