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The creators of Need for Speed have collaborated with the team behind Battlefield to work together.

Two of the most highly acclaimed games in history are Need for Speed and Battlefield. While both are published by Electronic Arts, they are developed by different companies. However, it appears that this may soon change.

In the coming future, we will witness the collaboration of developers from two widely acclaimed series. EA is determined to bring about a new era for the Battlefield franchise. We can expect thrilling developments in the near future!

The developers of Need for Speed select games to be part of the Battlefield development team.

Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment (a subsidiary of EA), revealed that Criterion Games, known for developing Need for Speed, will now be part of the team working on Battlefield. They will collaborate with current developers DICE, Ripple Effect, and Ridgeline, all under the leadership of EA’s General Manager of Battlefield.

Zampella stated that they will utilize collaborative technology and create an engaging experience to hone in on the popular first-person shooter franchise. Their main focus is currently on Battlefield 2042, while also working on a connected Battlefield universe during pre-production. The team of developers are also looking ahead at the future of Battlefield. Zampella shared his enthusiasm, saying “We are fully committed to Battlefield.”

The game studio behind Battlefield 2042 is strongly in favor of Xbox Game Pass due to a significant increase in player numbers last year.

The company responsible for creating Battlefield 2042 has expressed strong support for Xbox Game Pass, citing a significant rise in player count from the previous year.

Criterion Games has a rich and superior work profile to boast about. They are the main force behind some popular titles like Battlefield, Battlefront, Burnout, and, of course, Need for Speed. That’s why Zampella thinks, “There is no better studio to join us on this journey, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Former Burnout, Need for Speed, leads found new video game studio | Traxion

According to reports, most developers from Criterion Games will transition to working on Battlefield. However, this does not mean that all work will cease at Criterion. A select team within the company will continue to focus on developing the popular racing game series. This plan is also backed by the head of the company, who shares a love for cars and hopes to eventually join this team as they work on the future of the franchise.

The addition of Criterion Games to the Battlefield development team will surely delight fans worldwide. Their past work on titles such as Battlefield 2042 has proven to be exceptional, and we can expect the same level of excellence in future BF games. We eagerly await to see what the talented development team has in store for us.

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The developers behind Need for Speed have teamed up with the Battlefield development team, as reported by EssentiallySports.