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Christian Horner’s excuse for Max Verstappen’s defeat has been debunked by a key figure at Aston Martin. A prominent member of Aston Martin has disproven Christian Horner’s justification for Max Verstappen’s loss.

The long-awaited night arrived when Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance came to an end, making for an eventful evening in Singapore. The Marina Bay Street Circuit proved to be a formidable opponent, causing the Red Bull powerhouse to falter. Despite being the reigning king of street circuits with a win in 2022, Verstappen and his team struggled to conquer the challenging Singapore Street Circuit. This outcome was not unexpected, as Christian Horner’s pre-race remarks and the team’s performance on the track hinted at a disappointing result. However, this weakness in Red Bull’s armor still came as a surprise to one particular member of the Aston Martin team.

Pedro de la Rosa, Aston Martin’s brand ambassador and former racer, is puzzled by the unexpected performance of Red Bull’s season. Despite the RB19 excelling on street tracks, even Max Verstappen struggled in qualifying, which contradicts team principal Christian Horner’s statements. De la Rosa discussed this confusion on the latest episode of the F1 Nation podcast, as many of us have also observed this anomaly.

“I am unsure because, ultimately, the Marina Bay Street Circuit is not significantly different from Monaco. It is a street circuit with maximum downforce. Surprisingly, the asphalt was better than anticipated due to recent resurfacing. I am uncertain and do not have any further information.”

Horner’s previous comments about the RB19’s performance on street circuits are in direct opposition to this statement. He previously emphasized the struggles of the RB19 on street circuits and mentioned how challenging this particular circuit is on the calendar. He also acknowledged that there may come a day when they are surpassed by their competitors, making it a matter of when rather than if.

Christian Horner was forced to go against Red Bull’s principles in order to secure Lando Norris.

But, if you had listened to some F1 specialists prior to the race and taken into account Helmut Marko’s statements, it was clear that Red Bull was downplaying their dominant season, which is why Horner made those comments.

Prior to Max Verstappen’s winning streak being broken, Formula 1 experts praised Red Bull’s strategy after Helmut Marko made an honest remark.

Helmut Marko does not shy away from expressing his opinions and setting high standards, unlike Horner. His straightforwardness has caused him problems in the past, and he continued this trend before the Singapore Grand Prix.

The leader of the Austrian team acknowledged that they have the potential to win every race if they are able to secure a victory in Singapore. This went against Horner’s previous statements. However, F1 specialist Nate Saunders understood Marko’s statement and saw that Red Bull was unable to execute their strategy.

Red Bull F1 driver Max Verstappen

On February 27, 2020, in Barcelona, Spain, Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Red Bull Racing were observed in the garage by Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner and Red Bull Racing Team Consultant Dr Helmut Marko during Day Two of F1 Winter Testing at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Saunders noted, “It’s quite intriguing that he’s openly acknowledged that, Marko. Red Bull has been strategic in not emphasizing it, they’ve tried to downplay their undefeated season as much as they could. Marko can be unpredictable, to say the least. So, I’m uncertain if Christian Horner would confess to it this weekend.”

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Red Bull’s dominance caused speculation on whether they would ever be surpassed. Therefore, if they were able to captivate the world’s attention, why not continue to do so on their own terms?

EssentiallySports reports that Aston Martin’s key figure has debunked Christian Horner’s mythical excuse following Max Verstappen’s resounding defeat.