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“Rafael Fiziev is not holding back in his upcoming fight against Mateusz Gamrot, as he has put his disappointing loss to Justin Gaethje behind him and is fully focused on the present.”

Rafael Fiziev has gained recognition in the MMA community for his dynamic and skillful fighting approach. His dominance in the lightweight division, with six consecutive wins, led to a match against the BMF champion, Justin Gaethje, at UFC 286. However, the outcome of the fight was not as predicted.

During his match against Gaethje, Fiziev showcased his abilities in a intense three-round fight, but ultimately lost by unanimous decision. As he prepares for his next match against Mateusz Gamrot at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Fiziev is carrying the lessons he learned from his defeat. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Fiziev expressed his disappointment and shared the valuable insights he gained from the experience.


Rafael Fiziev has gained knowledge from his bout with Justin Gaethje.

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Fiziev discussed the difficulty of recovering from a difficult fight. He acknowledged that a loss is a loss and emphasized the importance of learning from those experiences. He also admitted the significance of not allowing emotions and the intense atmosphere of the arena to control his actions in the cage. Fiziev then humorously mentioned learning how to be humble, followed by a chuckle.

As the conversation progresses, he shares his understanding of the significance of not allowing his emotions and the energy of the arena to control his actions in the cage. He explains, “I have learned not to let my inner fire, emotions, or the noise of the arena guide me. Instead, I follow the game-plan. In this particular fight, I became so caught up in the excitement of the crowd that I forgot about my strategy.”


With a strong record of 12 victories and 2 defeats in MMA, including 6 wins and 2 losses in the UFC, Fiziev was seen as a challenging adversary for Gaethje. It was thought that Fiziev’s impressive striking skills could potentially dominate over Gaethje. Nevertheless, despite a strong beginning, Fiziev was ultimately outperformed and injured by ‘The Highlight’ as the fight went on, leading to Gaethje’s unanimous triumph.

The former champion, Justin Gaethje, made serious allegations against Conor McGregor, accusing him of major cheating immediately after calling him out at UFC 291.

Even though he faced a setback, Fiziev is still determined to compete for the lightweight championship. He is willing to face anyone without worrying about their identity, the title, or their ranking, showing his incredible skills as a fighter.

A brief preview of the upcoming ‘Ataman’ versus ‘Gamer’ showdown.

Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot will be the main event at UFC Vegas 79 this weekend. Fiziev, ranked sixth in the lightweight division, will be going up against Gamrot, who holds the seventh spot.

Fiziev boasts an impressive 66% knockout rate, with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses, including 8 knockouts. In his most recent bout, he suffered a majority decision defeat at the hands of Justin Gaethje six months ago. On the other hand, Gamrot enters the fight with a stellar 22-2 record, featuring 7 knockouts.

Gamrot utilizes his strong wrestling skills to create openings for submissions. On the other hand, Fiziev is known for his powerful striking abilities and strategic analysis of his opponents, always looking to land devastating blows. This highly-anticipated matchup has the potential to shake up the rankings and possibly set up intriguing fights among the top contenders.

Rafael Fiziev’s defeat against Justin Gaethje has taught him important lessons that he plans to use in his next battle against Mateusz Gamrot. In a matchup where the champion is not focused on rankings, who do you think has the advantage? Share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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Rafael Fiziev is not holding back in his upcoming fight against Mateusz Gamrot, as he reflects on his disappointing loss to Justin Gaethje and how it affected him mentally. Despite the setback, Fiziev is fully focused on the present and determined to give his all in the upcoming bout.