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Injured Dutch race car driver Max Verstappen is getting ready to strike back, as his $59 billion partner plans to orchestrate a grand revenge.

Over the past four months, Max Verstappen has consistently emerged as the winner in every Grand Prix. This impressive streak has resulted in a record-breaking 10 consecutive wins for the Dutch driver. He has also aided Red Bull in achieving 15 consecutive wins, surpassing McLaren’s previous record of 11 wins in a row. Despite his individual success, Verstappen fell short of breaking McLaren’s team record at the Singapore Grand Prix. Starting at P11 on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, his chances of winning were already slim. However, Verstappen is determined to make a comeback and dominate the grid at the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix with the support of his $59 billion ally.

Max Verstappen is determined and eager to seek retribution for his loss in Singapore. He will receive support from his partners at Honda, who not only own the Suzuka Circuit where the Japanese GP takes place, but also have a favorable relationship with the RB19. The Japanese company would undoubtedly be thrilled to see a Honda-powered car take the victory. Verstappen shared his intentions for Suzuka on the latest episode of the F1 Nation podcast, expressing his determination for a successful outcome and desire to seek revenge.

When questioned about his winning streak, Verstappen responded, “I wouldn’t say I’m relieved, but I am feeling relaxed. I am driven to perform even better in Suzuka. I am proud of the 10 victories, although it could have possibly been 8. It’s just a numerical value.”

The speaker, a Dutch lion, expressed confidence in their performance at Suzuka, a track that requires a unique car setup. They acknowledged previous challenges but promised to improve in the future. They ended by stating their determination to win at Suzuka.

Kelly Piquet, girlfriend of Formula One driver Max Verstappen, gives her opinion on Verstappen’s recent performance as his impressive streak comes to a disappointing end.

Kelly Piquet, the significant other of Max Verstappen, shares her thoughts on the Formula One driver’s latest showing as his remarkable winning streak comes to a disheartening conclusion.

The rest of the grid may find this statement intimidating, as Verstappen has demonstrated his ability to achieve it with ease. Everyone admires the tenacious attitude of the Dutch driver. However, when things don’t go as expected, he shows a different side that often results in criticism.

Max Verstappen is facing backlash for his explicit outbursts during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The driver from the Netherlands was irritated from the beginning of the Singapore Grand Prix. He could sense that his RB19 car was having difficulty on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The anger reached a breaking point during FP3, which is when Verstappen began to vent his frustrations.

Per Peter Windsor, considering he already clinched the championship by a large margin, it was excessive.

Max Verstappen

On September 3, 2023, at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza, Italy, Max Verstappen from Red Bull took the lead in the Formula One F1 Italian Grand Prix. This was captured by Claudia Greco for REUTERS.

The ex-manager commented on this particular aspect of Verstappen’s performance, stating that he saw a frustrated radio message from Max afterwards. He believed it was too much of a reaction, especially considering that Max has already secured this year’s championship and has had a great car throughout the season. The message was along the lines of “Did you see that?” and “It was impossible to drive.” The ex-manager thought this was a bit excessive.

“View this narrative: Max Verstappen’s tumultuous situation persists as he is disqualified for retaliating and causes further chaos in a simulated race.”

Do you support Windsor’s perspective, or do you believe this aligns with Verstappen’s mindset for winning?

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