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Tears were shed by the star rider who won the Equestrian Championship at the 2023 Asian Games.

The Chinese equestrian team has had a successful showing at the 2023 Asian Games, securing two gold medals in both individual and team events. This is the first time in the competition’s history that a Chinese team or individual has won a gold medal since the sport was included in the games in 1982.

The equestrian athlete Alex Hua Tian was the recipient of the coveted gold medal. As a three-time Olympian, Tian was thrilled with his victory and believed it would have a positive impact on the sport of equestrianism in his home country. Following his win, Tian shared his feelings and reflections with the press.

Celebrated equestrian lets emotions run freely following record-breaking victory.

In a recent interview with China Daily’s Shi Futian, Alex Hua Tian shared his thoughts on winning the Asian Games. The video, posted by Discover Yuhang on their Facebook page, captures the equestrian’s emotions as he reflects on his victory. When asked about his experience standing on the podium, Tian admitted to thinking, “Don’t cry, don’t cry!” He also expressed that it would take some time for him to fully process the magnitude of his win.

Tian made sure to acknowledge all those who contributed to his success. In an interview, he expressed pride in his team, fellow teammates, and the federation for their efforts towards achieving this victory. He also gave a special shoutout to his horse, Steg of Haiwang, for its exceptional performance as of late.

Tian was the youngest athlete to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and made history as the first Chinese athlete in the Olympics. He has participated in three Olympics, achieving a twenty-fifth place finish in the individual category at the Tokyo Olympics. In previous Asian Games, he earned a silver medal in Incheon in 2014 and a bronze medal in Jakarta in 2018. However, winning on his home turf felt like a unique accomplishment. He also noticed a growing interest in equestrianism in his country. This was also confirmed by another expert in the sport.

Horseback riding has seen an increase in popularity in China over the past ten years.

According to Ingmar De Vos, president of FEI, equestrian sports have become increasingly popular in China over the past decade. In an interview with China Daily, De Vos noted that during his visit to the country in 2011 there were only thirty equestrian clubs, but now there are over three thousand. This demonstrates the dedication and determination of the Chinese equestrian authority to reach their current level of success.

“Netizens are sharing their opinions on the recent viral trend of ‘Vegan Horse Riding’ in the equestrian community.”

The Chinese team’s equestrian victory is a momentous occasion that will propel the sport forward in the country. Influential figures like Alex Hua Tian have played a major role in promoting and developing the sport, garnering public interest.

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At the 2023 Asian Games, even though they won the Equestrian Championship, the Star Rider was seen crying.