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In the midst of widespread speculation about a potential breakup, the rapper boyfriend of Naomi Osaka, Cordae, shares a mysterious message on the topic of life’s “mistakes”.

Recently, fans of Naomi Osaka and Cordae Dunston Amari viewed them as the ideal couple. However, it appears that their relationship is in turmoil as there are speculations of a breakup. Both individuals made modifications to their online profiles, implying a potential separation. Cordae also posted a vague statement on his Instagram account.

Both individuals have made moves in regards to their internet presence, causing excitement among their followers. Previously, it was the four-time winner of major tennis tournaments. Currently, it is the artist known as Doomsday.

Cordae Dunston’s message about making mistakes.

The artist initially dropped his track ‘Make Up Ya Mind’ at the beginning of August. He just unveiled the accompanying music video, which focuses on a man struggling with his partner’s uncertainty about their relationship. This release has only fueled speculation, causing fans to believe there may be truth to the rumors of a breakup with Naomi Osaka.

Amari recently posted on his Instagram story, stating, “

The man who avoids taking action is the only man who never makes a mistake.
“The statement can be applied to any scenario, however, it appears to suggest that there may be an error in the relationship with Osaka, either on his part or hers, which is creating conflict between them.”



Cannot reword


Arnold Taylor (SCMG) shared a post on social media.

The message can be interpreted in many ways. However, both individuals have made multiple alterations to their social media, which could possibly suggest a potential breakup.

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Fans speculate that Naomi Osaka and her rapper boyfriend may be close to ending their relationship.

On October 21st, there was unexpected news for tennis enthusiasts as rumors circulated about the potential breakup of Osaka and her rapper boyfriend. Osaka took action by removing any social media posts featuring Cordae and posting about self-love and finding a partner to watch the sunset with. Additionally, it is said that she liked a post on the platform ‘X’ (previously known as Twitter) regarding the importance of self-love.

Leaving behind those who did not appreciate you.

Amari also removed any references to Osaka from his social media accounts and did not send her birthday wishes on October 17th. Though there is no official confirmation, many sources speculate that the couple has broken up. If this is true, it is likely that both Amari and Osaka will address the news in the near future.

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Naomi Osaka’s boyfriend, rapper Cordae, recently shared a cryptic post about life’s “mistake” amidst ongoing rumors of their breakup.