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Although Jordan Poole has had issues with Draymond Green, Kyle Kuzma of the Wizards still expresses appreciation for his 21-year-old teammate who was once named Defensive Player of the Year.

The NBA preseason saw the Golden State Warriors claim their first victory. In their first preseason game, Stephen Curry and his team defeated their rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, with a score of 125-108. However, it was not the four-time champion, Curry, who took charge and led the Warriors to victory. Due to LeBron James’ absence on the Lakers’ side, the Warriors’ star players spent most of the game on the bench. Instead, it was Curry’s 21-year-old teammate, Jonathan Kuminga, who sought vengeance against the Lakers for their defeat in last season’s Western Conference Semifinals.

Despite Jordan Poole’s conflict with Warriors veteran Draymond Green, Kyle Kuzma of the Wizards still praised Jonathan Kuminga’s performance and approved of it.

Despite Jordan Poole’s history with the Warriors, Kyle Kuzma still praises Jonathan Kuminga.

Jonathan Kuminga had a strong start to his NBA preseason. He was the top scorer for the Warriors, putting up 24 points and grabbing 8 rebounds against the LA Lakers led by Anthony Davis. Despite his veteran teammates mostly sitting on the bench, the 21-year-old took charge and delivered an impressive performance. Kuminga’s display caught the attention of Kyle Kuzma, a former teammate of LeBron James, who praised the young Warriors player. This was unexpected as Kuzma’s current teammate, Jordan Poole, had previously had issues with Draymond Green, the Warriors’ former DPOY. “It seems like Kuminga has improved!” commented Kuzma, surprising the basketball world, especially since Poole had left the Warriors on bad terms.


One year has passed since the footage of Warriors Center Draymond Green punching teammate Jordan Poole during practice became widely shared on social media. The incident caused tension within the Golden State Warriors team, leading to lasting effects. As a result of the altercation, Draymond was fined and took a temporary break from the team. Despite this, the Warriors stood by their experienced leader and rewarded him with a 4-year, $100 million contract extension. Poole was subsequently traded to the Washington Wizards.

against the Houston Rockets

Jordan Poole is seeking retribution against the Houston Rockets.

Jordan Poole was considered to be a rising star for the Warriors. His contributions, along with Stephen Curry and the rest of the team, led to their 4th Championship win in 2022. During that year’s playoffs, he averaged 17 points and 3.8 assists. Poole showed steady improvement each season and had his most successful year last season, with an average of over 20 points. However, tensions between Poole and Draymond caused issues and ultimately led to the Warriors choosing to let go of Poole and focus on developing younger players such as Jonathan Kuminga.

Jordan Poole’s franchise, worth $2.5 billion, will be welcoming over 1000 “hyped” middle school students 6 days before facing off against LaMelo Ball and his team.

6 days prior to competing against LaMelo Ball and his team, Jordan Poole’s franchise, valued at $2.5 billion, will be hosting more than 1000 excited middle school students.

Jordan Poole is prepared to seek retribution this season by joining forces with former NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma in Washington. This dynamic young duo has a great deal of promise, having both contributed to their previous teams’ NBA Championship victories. It remains to be seen how Jordan Poole will react to his teammate praising a player from his former team. The NBA community is eagerly anticipating Jordan Poole’s performance upon his return to Golden State.

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