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In a surprising move, Roger Federer openly announces his rejection of the future of tennis. However, he gives fans something to look forward to by teasing his dream of participating in the Laver Cup, saying “maybe one day…”

One year after retiring from competitive tennis, Roger Federer remains beloved by fans around the globe. He has announced that he will participate in this year’s Laver Cup in Vancouver, bringing excitement to millions of supporters. This will be an emotional return for Federer, as it was the very event where he played his final match before retiring last year.

But there may be good news for tennis enthusiasts, as the 20-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments has suggested a potential partnership with the Laver Cup in the future. What exactly did Roger Federer mention? Let’s discover.

Roger Federer expressed his desire to captain Team Europe in the future.

The upcoming Laver Cup’s sixth version is scheduled to kick off on September 22 in Vancouver. Team Europe is seeking retribution after their defeat last year against Team World. Roger Federer, who is anticipated to attend, has stated his aspiration to eventually lead Team Europe as captain.

Roger Federer

In the Laver Cup tennis tournament held at the 02 Arena in London, Britain on September 24, 2022, Roger Federer of Team Europe acknowledges fans at the conclusion of his final match before retiring. The image was captured by Andrew Boyers of Action Images and is part of a series selected as the TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY.

According to the official website of Laver Cup, he expressed his enjoyment of being a part of the tennis community. He mentioned the possibility of becoming the Captain of the team in the future, although there are currently no concrete plans in place. He also declared his loyalty to Team Europe.

“There is a part of me that strongly supports Team Europe. While I am still content if the World wins, I can’t deny that I have a strong desire for Europe to come out on top.”

Currently, the team is led by the renowned Bjorn Borg.

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The recent developments are definitely something to celebrate for both Federer fans and tennis enthusiasts. The Swiss legend had previously denied the possibility of being heavily involved in tennis after his retirement.

Federer is not interested in assuming the role of a coach.

After retiring from tennis, many were curious about what the Swiss legend’s next career step would be. However, the 42-year-old clarified that he has no plans to become a coach in the near future. It’s worth noting that while Federer ruled out coaching, he did express his willingness to offer mentorship and support to up-and-coming players.

On December 05, 2022, Roger Federer was present at the Moet & Chandon Holiday Season Celebration at Lincoln Center in New York City.

With that being said, it will be a joyous moment for tennis enthusiasts to witness Roger Federer leading Team Europe at the Laver Cup in upcoming events. The beloved figure in tennis assuming the role of captain for Europe, succeeding Bjorn Borg, would serve as a fitting honor to the iconic Swiss player!

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