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Trae Young follows the path of Kevin Durant, investing in the lucrative sports industry with a significant amount of $1,322,910,000.

In recent years, the traditional belief that athletes cannot also be successful businessmen has been challenged. This is evident in the success of legends such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and current superstars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who have all found success outside of basketball. One common factor among these individuals is their investments in other sports. This trend has also been followed by younger NBA superstars, including Magic Johnson, as they see it as a potential avenue for success.

Thus, Trae Young’s recent investment, following in the footsteps of KD, was not entirely surprising.

Trae Young is following a similar path as Kevin Durant.

The paths of Trae Young and KD have a unique aspect that sets them apart from previous players. Unlike Magic, who established himself in established markets such as the NFL or baseball, these two are taking a chance on a relatively new sport.

Trae announced the news on his Instagram that he has officially signed a major investment. As a co-owner of the Major League Pickleball franchise, the Atlanta Bouncers, Trae has shown his dedication to the city he now considers his own. This could potentially put an end to any trade speculations surrounding him and the Atlanta Hawks.



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Pickleball, a relatively new sport, was created in 1965. It has steadily gained popularity, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Due to its surge in popularity, a major league was formed. Currently, over 4.8 million people participate in this fast-growing sport, making it the fastest-growing sport in the country for 3 years in a row according to the Sports and Fitness Association.

LeBron James, along with his close friends Draymond Green and Kevin Love, have shown a significant interest in the league. Along with Kevin Durant, Ice Trae intends to actively participate in the club’s activities.

Durant took a more innovative approach with his investment in an active team.

team is OKC.

OKC is the expansion team owned by Kevin Durant.

In 2019, joining the Brooklyn Nets provided the 2-time NBA Champion with numerous opportunities. While his performance on the court remained impressive, the larger market also resulted in a notable increase in his off-court endeavors.

Kevin Durant joins LeBron James and Tom Brady as the newest athlete to invest in a sport that is only played by 4.8 million Americans.

As a component of the agreement, he invested in pickleball. Rather than selecting an established team, he and his brand “Thirty-Five Ventures” opted to establish their own expansion team. The Brooklyn Aces were formed in the city where he resided at the time. Additionally, Kevin has expressed his intention to play a highly active role in the team.

“Pickleball was initially a small interest, but it continues to grow and develop. We will be managing it ourselves and responsible for establishing the brand from the beginning. It is an exciting project.”

The increasing popularity and fast growth of pickleball, along with enthusiastic investors, are making it a must-try sport for fans all over the United States. It may not be long before there is a Big 5 of sports in America.

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Trae Young, inspired by Kevin Durant, recently invested in the lucrative sports industry with a staggering amount of $1,322,910,000. This decision mirrors Durant’s investment in the same field and shows Young’s ambition to follow in his footsteps.