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“Back in 2002, I really wished I had the same level of confidence and style as this top star who constantly teased me off-camera, even going as far as to slap Kurt Angle.” John Cena expresses his envy towards this individual.

John Cena is known for receiving a huge amount of support from fans whenever he makes an appearance in the WWE. For more than two decades, he has consistently delivered immense entertainment that has earned him the title of “The GOAT”. Fans adore him for his charm, optimistic mindset, and above all, his self-assurance. However, these characteristics have been developed over time. In fact, Cena has admitted that he now wishes he had the same level of confidence as a certain up-and-coming superstar when he first began his career.

The celebrity has continuously taunted Cena since his comeback to the WWE.


John Cena longs for his lost confidence and charisma.

In 2002, John Cena entered the WWE scene after being challenged by Kurt Angle to take on any wrestler in the locker room. This unexpected moment became a significant event in WWE history as Cena accepted the challenge. Interestingly, Angle had no idea who Cena was at the time and even asked him, “Who are you?”. However, if this question were to be posed in 2023, the entire arena would know the answer without hesitation. But in that moment, there was complete silence.

Cena proceeded to inform Angle that he possessed a fierce determination, and proceeded to strike him in the face. Despite his defeat that evening, Cena’s debut remains a treasured memory for fans. Nearly two decades later, Cena reveals that he may not have possessed the aggression he boasted about. In fact, he now wishes he had the same self-assurance as his current rival, Grayson Waller, who is notorious for belittling him.

During his appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Cena commended Waller for his on-camera confidence and expressed his own desire for more confidence during his debut. He stated, “I appreciate seeing someone come in with such swagger. Looking back at my own journey, I wish I had that same confidence, that Grayson Waller swagger, when I first entered the ring in 2002 and slapped Kurt Angle. Instead, I timidly shook The Undertaker’s hand when I should have shown more aggression and slapped him too. But back then, I didn’t have that level of ruthless aggression. Waller has it and I greatly admire that.”

Next week, the Crown Jewel event will feature John Cena continuing his feud with The Bloodline as Roman Reigns makes his return

Next week, the upcoming Crown Jewel event will showcase the ongoing rivalry between John Cena and The Bloodline, as well as the highly anticipated return of Roman Reigns.

Cena remarked that Waller has a great deal to learn, but he will eventually grasp everything. He went on to say, “He will discover all of that on his own. He possesses the initial quality – he believes in himself.”

However, even though John Cena admires Waller’s confidence, another champion from AEW dislikes being equated to him.

MJF strongly dislikes being compared to Grayson Waller.

MJF could potentially be showing excessive enthusiasm for Cody Rhodes and LA Knight, however, he strongly dislikes being equated to Waller. Recently, fans of professional wrestling have been drawing comparisons between Grayson Waller and MJF, which has greatly angered him.


In a recent interview with WrestlePurists, MJF shared his sympathy towards Waller. He made it clear that he does not wear basketball shorts while wrestling and does not have an accent.

He even stated, “I am not 6’2”. While Waller is receiving praise for his self-assurance, there is someone on the opposing side of the wrestling community who strongly dislikes him.

What are your thoughts on John Cena expressing a desire for Grayson Waller’s confidence when he first began?

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John Cena is envious of a top star who constantly taunted him off-camera. He wishes he had the same confidence as this star back in 2002 when he slapped Kurt Angle.