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Despite not being involved in Zach Johnson’s “Dream Team,” Dustin Johnson finds himself embroiled in a hostile online dispute due to a lack of canine presence.

LIV Golf debuted last year, and since then, numerous golfers have left to join the Saudi-funded league. While this bold move may have landed them a profitable contract, it also came at a significant cost. As the situation unfolded, it became clear that LIV players would have to work harder to earn a spot on the Ryder Cup team.

Except for Brooks Koepka, many popular Ryder Cup names like Dustin Johnson, who presently plays for LIV Golf, missed out on the tournament. Recently, there was a Ryder Cup controversy regarding Johnson that led to an online argument that called out the two-time major championship winner despite not being a part of Zach Johnson’s Ryder Cup team.

The ongoing dispute between Dustin Johnson and another former PGA professional continues to captivate attention.

Dustin Johnson has been a highly skilled participant in the Ryder Cup over the last few years, having competed in a total of five events since turning professional.

The LIV golfer is among the six players who hold a perfect Ryder Cup record of 5 wins and 0 losses.

The tale does not simply conclude at this point; during the biennial competition, Johnson played a significant part in securing victory for Team USA last year. In fact, Xander Schauffele expressed a desire to always be paired with Johnson for the remainder of his career, according to an interview. Clearly, Schauffele recognizes the capabilities of his fellow American.

Recently, a golf enthusiast made an appreciation post for Johnson. In the post, he wrote,

Last time, this man achieved a solo score of 5 points – just mentioning.

Upon reflection of his performance at Whistling Straits, it resulted in the USA team winning with a score of 19-9.

But defying the devotee’s assertion, another former PGA pro, Colt Knost, retweeted the post, saying,

He earned a score of 1 by himself, while the remaining 4 were achieved with a partner!

Disparaging the 39-year-old’s input. As the post was shared, the golfing community expressed their opinions.


As the post gained popularity, fans expressed their varied viewpoints.

As the post gained widespread attention, golf enthusiasts flooded in like groups of bees. Some even took the time to share their thoughts on Dustin’s performance in the comments section.

“Where is Brooks?” Concerns arise among golf fans after Brooks Koepka’s absence in Rome.

A fan expressed their opinion that the team’s lineup was incorrect and did not include important players for the Ryder Cup.

Someone else chimed in with a similar tone and added:

Once more, a fan expressed their belief that the USA Ryder Cup team’s lineup for 2023 is not suitable.

A fan expressed disapproval of the USA Team’s pairing.


Another fan asserted DJ’s total Ryder Cup record.

A fan informed Colt of the score.

“I cannot believe how amazing this concert was!”

A fan sarcastically remarked: “I am in disbelief at the incredible quality of this concert!”

What is your opinion on Dustin Johnson’s performance at the Ryder Cup? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dustin Johnson is unfairly caught up in an online feud due to Zach Johnson’s “Dream Team” drama, despite not being involved. Despite the title “Not Enough Dogs…”, this post is about Dustin Johnson being dragged into a nasty online fight, even though he is not a part of Zach Johnson’s team. The article can be found on EssentiallySports.