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Alexandra, the girlfriend of Charles Leclerc, is facing accusations of revealing her true character as her unpleasant past resurfaces, shocking fans.

The excitement and extravagance of Formula 1 often surpass the boundaries of the race tracks, involving the personal affairs of those involved in the sport. Most recently, Alexandra Saint Mleux, also known as Charles Leclerc’s partner, gained attention for her previous Twitter posts.

In the fast-paced realm of Formula 1 racing, where cars fly by in the blink of an eye, social media appears to have a longer memory. Alexandra has recently encountered some difficulties on the digital platform. Several fan pages dedicated to her have suddenly disappeared, all due to a tweet she liked back in 2017 that sparked controversy.

Formula 1 2023: Hungarian GP HUNGARORING, HUNGARY – JULY 23: Alexandra Saint Mleux, left, girlfriend of Charles Leclerc, Scuderia Ferrari during the Hungarian GP at Hungaroring on Sunday July 23, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary. Photo by Michael Potts / LAT Images Images EDITORIAL USE ONLY GP2311_091948MP9_1277

An Instagram profile with the handle @f1gossipofficial shared several pictures in an attempt to clarify the situation. The initial picture states, “Greetings,I decided to

This account will no longer be active.I was one of the first Fanpages (my old account got deleted) and even the first page who got to talk to
Alexandra and that was truly delightful.I

I was extremely pleased and content.100%
I am thrilled about this, but seeing the tweet that was liked has just made my day.a bit upset.”


I am also of mixed race.I wouldn’t like to make a

I find it incorrect to see people referring to this type of person as “Queen” on the page. I hope you can comprehend my perspective.


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A post shared by F1 GOSSIPP OFFICIAL (@f1gossippofficial)

Fans have wasted no time in sharing their thoughts. Some argue, “People can change over 6 years!”, while others are hesitant to trust her based on her previous behavior. Adding to the conversation, the Instagram page also shared a conversation Alexandra had with a fan, sparking further discussion.

Rebecca and Alexandra have sparked a heated debate among fans as Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc introduce their girlfriends in a low-key manner.

Amidst the chaos of F1 social media, it’s evident that the competition extends beyond the race track. Alexandra, reveling in her partner Charles Leclerc’s achievements, is well aware of this.

Alexandra is facing a tough challenge from her supporters.

The conversation on social media? A tweet mistake from 2017. The response? Fans, acting like a pit crew, quickly shared their opinions. One fan thought, “She’s in a relationship with one of the most well-known F1 racers who has many devoted fans. What did she anticipate?” Ah, the familiar difficulty of dating someone in the public eye. And honestly, it might be simpler to perform a tire change in just 2 seconds!

Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint Mleux

Charles Leclerc is on the left and Alexandra Saint Mleux is on the right.
Image Courtesy: Imago

Beginning with the confident statement, “She and Kelly are simply being themselves,” it’s evident that everyone is expressing their bold opinions. But just like a race, the world of celebrity dating also has its unexpected moments and surprises.

Some are comparing this situation to other WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends for those who may not know), such as the significant other of Oscar who enjoys a more low-profile pit lane rather than being in the spotlight. However, dear readers, isn’t every love story special and distinct, just like a car’s aerodynamics?😜

Regarding aerodynamics, there were some comments that gained a lot of attention. One person exclaimed, “This cancel culture is like cancer,” reflecting the thoughts of others who believe that one should not be held accountable for something they did a long time ago. On the other hand, some were cautious and reminded others of the tweet’s source.

Alexandra’s fan page breaks have caused curiosity and inquiries such as “What’s the point of having fan accounts for WAGs?”, but it serves as a great reminder that fame cannot be applied universally. While some enjoy the personalized experience, others, like Alexandra, seem to prefer to avoid it.

🥰💞💖” or “🐍

“Emotions were intense!” However, it’s important to keep in mind that hindsight is always clearer, and as one commenter mentioned, she may have been only 15 at the time. Children can be unpredictable!

As the race nears its end, a passionate plea can be heard over the loud engines: “Please just let her live!” This is not just a race, but a journey. Whether in the world of F1 or life itself, let’s make room for each other to pass, slow down, and sometimes take a break.

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Alexandra, girlfriend of Charles Leclerc, is facing accusations of revealing her true character as her troubling past resurfaces, leaving fans surprised. This news was reported by EssentiallySports.