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Following his warning to the world, NBA icon LeBron James makes a harsh decision to reject the Dream Team led by Michael Jordan for one specific reason.

The upcoming 2024 Olympics for basketball have become even more intriguing. After Team USA’s underwhelming performance in the FIBA World Cup, top players such as LeBron James have expressed their desire to represent their country and win the gold. Joel Embiid’s decision to join Team USA has sparked discussions about whether this will be the strongest team ever assembled, rivaling the legendary ‘Dream Team’ led by Michael Jordan.

A prominent member of the Washington Wizards discussed the organization’s creation and whether it ranks among the greatest teams in a recent podcast. However, the conversation shifted when the three-time all-star expressed that the ‘Dream Team’ is not the most exceptional team ever assembled.

Despite having Michael Jordan, the 1992 Dream Team is not the top team.

During the latest episode of Gil’s Arena, the hosts discussed Team USA’s prospects for the 2024 Olympics. Brandon Jennings and Gilbert Arenas agreed that no other teams stand a chance at winning. Jennings posed the question of whether the upcoming Team USA will surpass the legendary 1992 ‘Dream Team’, which boasted many top players of that era such as a peak Michael Jordan during his first three-peat.

Arenas responded, “In my opinion, the 1992 team is not the greatest team ever put together.”

Olympiade 1992 in Barcelona: Basketball: Das Dream Team der USA, Earvin Magic Johnson, David Robinson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Christian Laettner, Clyde Drexler HM

The group included Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley, but this did not sway Arenas’ belief that it was the greatest team. Jennings inquired if it was the ‘Redeem Team’ of 2008.

Agent Zero stated that, in his opinion, the 1996 Olympic team was the greatest team ever formed. This team did not include Michael Jordan.

“After 22 years, NBA veteran comes to the defense of Michael Jordan, defending his contentious draft decision with the Chicago Bulls by saying, “If you are not judging it fairly, then f*** you!”

22 years later, a veteran of the NBA defends Michael Jordan’s controversial draft decision with the Chicago Bulls by stating, “If you are not judging it fairly, then screw you!”

Arenas went on to give his reasoning for it. He said that in 1992, nine out of the 12 players were all NBA players the previous year. Even though Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were on the team, they were at the dawn of their careers. But in 1996, all 12 teammates were All-NBA players that season.


Both Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon were reserve players on the Olympic team, yet they both maintained an average of 29 points per game in the NBA. This solidifies it as the greatest team ever formed for Gilbert Arenas.

Gilbert Arenas cautions individuals about LeBron James.

LeBron James has expressed his desire to participate in the upcoming Olympics.

Additionally, Kevin Durant has expressed his intent to participate in the Olympic games. Along with Joel Embiid’s recent decision to join the team, the competition is bound to be formidable.

However, Gilbert Arenas mentioned this several weeks ago, stating that once LeBron James expressed interest in participating in the Paris Olympics, it would be game over for all other teams. This has sparked a domino effect, leading other players to also join the squad.

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