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Rhea Ripley expresses anger in a brief statement following Dominik Mysterio’s defeat for the championship at No Mercy.

Dominik Mysterio, going by the moniker “Dirty”, was unable to retain his NXT North American Championship at the event NXT No Mercy. In an upset victory, Trick Williams claimed the title and secured his first-ever championship in WWE. This loss may have major consequences for Dominik as he prepares to face off against his ally, Rhea Ripley.

Although all members of The Judgment Day had won championship titles, Dom’s loss was a significant setback for the group’s dominance. Nevertheless, The Eradicator expressed her response to the 26-year-old’s defeat.

Rhea Ripley appears to be extremely angry about Dominik Mysterio’s defeat.

At NXT No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio was unexpectedly dethroned of his NXT North American Championship, much to the surprise of the WWE fans. This turn of events was especially unexpected since all members of The Judgment Day had previously been successful in their title defenses.

After Dom’s loss at NXT No Mercy, Rhea Ripley broke her silence and expressed her anger through ‘X’. The Women’s World Heavyweight Champion is clearly not happy with “Dirty” Dom’s defeat.

The Eradicator tweeted,

“Are you kidding me?! #NXTNoMercy”

Dominik Mysterio is feeling frustrated and concerned about how Rhea Ripley will react to losing the No Mercy Title. He is worried about his mother’s reaction.

During Ripley’s absence due to personal reasons, Dom had to defend his championship alone. He was able to successfully defend his title against Dragon Lee on the most recent episode of RAW. However, he was unable to defeat Trick Williams.

There is currently no update on Dominik Mysterio’s plans following his title loss. It is likely that he is concerned about how Ripley will respond to his defeat when they potentially cross paths on next week’s episode of RAW, assuming Mami makes a return.

with Seth Rollins

Dominik Mysterio expresses his dissatisfaction with Seth Rollins.

Following the game, a camera operator captured Dom’s disappointment after losing. He attempted to escape, possibly anticipating an interview, as he was a previous winner of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Dominik Mysterio, known as “Dirty,” was solely concerned about one thing – what would Rhea Ripley have to say about the recent events? As he made his way to the locker room, he also kicked a few boxes in frustration over his loss.

Dom said,
“I need you to leave me alone at this moment. I am not in the mood to talk. I am unsure of what Mami will say. Please leave my presence.”


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is a photo of the NXT Women’s Championship belt.

A picture of the NXT Women’s Championship belt was posted by the official WWE NXT Instagram account.

Ripley will undoubtedly inquire Dom about his loss. In addition, the previous winner of the NXT North American Championship will be at a loss for explaining what occurred to him at NXT No Mercy.

We have many inquiries regarding Dom’s loss and future in NXT. The responses will be revealed on the upcoming episodes of RAW and NXT.

What is your opinion? Do you think Dominik Mysterio will challenge for the NXT North American Title again? How do you interpret Ripley’s reply? Please share your thoughts below.

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Rhea Ripley expresses anger in just 4 words after Dominik Mysterio’s title loss at No Mercy.