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After Lionel Messi’s successful move to the MLS, the $2.8 trillion company is preparing for a $2 billion deal with Lewis Hamilton and his team.

Can you find any similarities between soccer star Lionel Messi and technology giant Apple? They both seem to have a strong desire for taking on new challenges! While Messi impressed with his skills in his recent move to MLS’s Inter Miami, helping them reach the finals in only seven games, Apple is also setting its sights on a new athletic venture: Formula 1.

After the popularity of their MLS Season Pass, there are rumors that Apple is considering a major move into another sports industry, due to the recent accomplishments of a popular soccer player in the United States. This could potentially lead to a TV rights deal that is twice as lucrative, causing a stir among spectators.

Lionel Messi Inter Miami

On September 20th, during the MLS match between Toronto FC and Inter Miami CF at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi (number 10) glances at a teammate following a missed scoring opportunity. Photo credit: Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire. This photo can only be used for editorial purposes.

According to reports, Apple is considering making a significant offer of $2 billion annually for the exclusive streaming rights for Formula 1. The latest edition of their “Business F1” coverage suggests that Apple plans to launch an F1 pass on their Apple TV app, adding to the speculation. However, there is a hurdle to overcome as global rights are currently tied up in existing TV agreements. If Apple does proceed, they may not have access until 2025 and full control by 2029. This shows their long-term strategy in the game.

Why F1, you may ask? In addition to the potential F1 movie featuring Brad Pitt (hello Silverstone!) and a documentary about the iconic Lewis Hamilton, it’s evident that Apple TV+ is ramping up its involvement in the world of race cars.

Can Apple maintain their top spot in the F1 world, or is this just another part of their sports strategy? They have dabbled in partnerships with the NBA, English Premier League, and NFL Sunday Ticket, among others. However, only the MLS Season Pass and MLB Friday Night Baseball have been successfully implemented. We eagerly anticipate the clash between technology and sports. Get ready… but not until 2025.

Nicolas Hamilton, the brother of Lewis Hamilton, recently opened up about his feelings by stating “I hope I can return” while reminiscing about their time as teammates.

As Apple seemingly takes pole position in the race for F1 streaming rights, the tech giant’s ambition isn’t the only thing accelerating in the world of Formula 1. From the rumbling engines of F1’s most coveted tracks to the glitzy Hollywood limelight, another story unfolds.

Lewis Hamilton will soon be transitioning from the racetrack to the big screen!

Attention, followers! Exciting news: Lewis Hamilton is making a move from the race track to the big screen. A new documentary, premiering on Apple TV+, will give us a thrilling glimpse into Hamilton’s life, both on and off the track. And the inspiration behind it? A sincere tribute to devoted parents everywhere.

Lewis Hamilton

After placing third in the Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes spoke to the press. REUTERS/Andy Chua

In March, our expert at Mercedes revealed their personal funding for this exciting project. Racing fans will be pleased with this documentary, which not only showcases the thrill of F1 but also offers an intimate look at Lewis’s journey to fame. With honest interviews and previously unseen clips, it provides a detailed portrayal of the ups, downs, pit stops, and victories throughout his career.

What was the reason for this decision? Hamilton shares that the hit movie ‘King Richard’ was his inspiration. The film portrays the incredible story of Venus and Serena Williams and their father’s influence, which deeply impacted Hamilton. He reflected, “Witnessing the determination and enthusiasm of parents is truly remarkable.”

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According to Lewis, “Children have endless potential with proper guidance and direction.” A special acknowledgment goes to the parents in the audience, who cheer, encourage, and sometimes financially support their children’s aspirations. Be prepared to be moved- this documentary is likely to bring tears to your eyes!

After Lionel Messi’s successful debut in MLS, a major company worth $2.8 trillion is preparing to make a $2 billion deal with Lewis Hamilton and his team. This information was originally reported by EssentiallySports.