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A legal action alleges that the use of Google Maps led a man to accidentally drive off a bridge that had collapsed.

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The author of this article is Edgar Cervantes from Android Authority.

  • A family states that Google Maps directed a father to drive onto a bridge that had collapsed.

  • The family is currently taking legal action against Google, Alphabet, and two local businesses that are believed to be accountable for maintaining the land and bridge.

  • According to reports, residents have previously informed Google Maps about the unsafe bridge.

The navigation tool provided by Google, called Google Maps, is typically reliable in efficiently and safely guiding users from one location to another. However, in a specific case in North Carolina, the app failed to function properly. As a result, the family of the deceased is taking legal action against Google, seeking an unspecified amount of punitive damages. The lawsuit alleges that the app directed the victim to drive through a collapsed bridge, ultimately leading to his death.

According to CNN, a lawsuit alleges that Philip Paxton was on his way home from his daughter’s 9th birthday celebration in September 2022. While using the Google Maps app, he was instructed to drive across an unmarked and unblocked bridge that had previously collapsed in 2013.

According to reports, Google had prior knowledge of the bridge before the incident occurred. The lawyer for the family, Robert Zimmerman, alleges that Google was notified by the public about the issue and was urged to update its directions to reflect the road closure.

The residents of Hickory had been requesting for the road to be repaired or barricaded for years, in order to prevent any accidents or fatalities. However, their pleas were ignored. Investigations have revealed that Google Maps had been directing drivers, such as Mr. Paxson, onto this damaged road for several years, even though numerous complaints had been made by the public urging Google to update its map and directions to show that the road was closed.

According to reports, a woman who preferred to remain anonymous requested Google to improve its navigation system. The report stated, “You cannot cross this road,” and mentioned that the GPS directs people to this area, posing a risk for emergency vehicles. The woman urged for an update to ensure accurate GPS navigation. However, CNN was unable to confirm this specific report.

According to court documents, Google Maps sent an automated response to the woman’s report, stating that her suggestion would be reviewed and she would be notified when any changes were made.

The lawsuit includes more than just Google as defendants. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and two nearby businesses are also named in the suit. These two businesses were responsible for overseeing the upkeep of the land and bridge. However, according to the lawsuit, they neglected to fix the bridge or put up adequate barriers and warning signs.

Google responded to the lawsuit by expressing their condolences to the Paxson family. They stated that their objective is to offer precise routing information on maps and they are currently reviewing the details of the lawsuit.