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The top new releases for streaming this week on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and others.

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There is an abundance of content available on different streaming platforms, which can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to navigate through the numerous options and switch between apps in search of the perfect TV show or movie for a night in. To make it easier, we have curated a list of the top new streaming movies to check out this week.

Explore our recommended choices from popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and others. This selection includes both paid and free options, from well-known services like Plex and Tubi to lesser-known ones like Mubi and Shudder. These titles were recently added to the platforms and offer a diverse mix of streaming originals, new releases, and classic films. Keep reading for our top picks of the latest movies available for streaming this week.

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Top picks for this week’s new streaming releases

  • TMNT: Mutant Mayhem
  • Sanctuary
  • What is the significance of Love in this context?

  • You are not going to be rescued by anyone.

  • Spy Kids: Armageddon
  • The Covenant 

Note from the editor: This list will be regularly updated with the top movies available for streaming, as new titles are introduced or removed.

The upcoming film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” is set to be released in 2023.

Paramount Plus – Sep 19

tmnt mutant mayhem (1) (1)

Upon their arrival at VOD in early September, the TMNT team is making a comeback in a new animated film produced by Seth Rogen on Paramount Plus. This film boasts a unique and distinctive style, with a humor that sets it apart from previous TMNT movies. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and appreciated the updated personalities and character changes given to all the characters, making for an epic retelling. Additionally, there are more mutants featured than ever before. One notable absence? Shredder. Instead, the turtles face off against a new type of villain, resulting in a must-see ending. In fact, this is now considered the highest-rated TMNT movie of all time. What’s more impressive is that they still managed to maintain the campy charm of the 90s cult classics, but in a more effective way.

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