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You will soon have the option to create an Alternate Profile on WhatsApp.

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  • WhatsApp is developing a feature called “alternate profile” which allows you to limit who can see your profile photo to just your contacts, while also showing a different photo and name to those who are not in your contacts.

  • WhatsApp is currently developing a feature that will simplify the process of initiating video calls with up to 32 individuals.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps around the world. Many of us use it not only for our personal communication with friends and family but also for work communication with colleagues and industry peers. The service has increasingly recognized the dual nature of its use cases, and it has started leaning into serving both needs. In line with this, WhatsApp appears to be working on letting users have an alternate profile that they share with the world. Further, the app is also working on letting more people join video calls easily.

The alternative profile function on WhatsApp

According to WABetaInfo, a new beta version of WhatsApp reveals that the messaging app is developing a feature called “alternate profile.”

WhatsApp Alternate Profile feature

Using the alternate profile function, individuals will have the option to display a limited profile to their contacts while showing a different name and photo to other WhatsApp users who may be viewing their profile.

Several users choose to safeguard their profile picture and limit its visibility to only those contacts saved in their phone’s address book. Any individuals with unrecognized numbers will see an empty profile picture. This functionality allows for the display of an alternative profile picture and name for these individuals.

In the end, this function will maintain the privacy of users, particularly when communicating with individuals outside of their regular contacts such as clients, coworkers, and peers in their industry. You will not have to share your personal photo with them, but you also won’t have an empty profile without a photo.

This function is currently being tested in the beta version of the application and is not yet accessible in the stable version.

are now available in North America

Video conferences now support a maximum of 31 participants in North America.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently developing a feature that will allow you to start group calls with a maximum of 31 people.

WhatsApp more participants in group calls

Before, group calls could have up to 32 people, but you could only choose 15 people to start the call. You would have to begin with a few people and then add more during the call. Now, you can start a video call with all 32 participants right away.

This feature is currently being introduced to iOS users. There have been no reports from Android users about this change, but we cannot discount the possibility.