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“Who do you plan to eliminate, your coaches?” With only a few days until his fight with Dillon Danis, Logan Paul’s statement that he is “ready to kill” has not caused concern within the fighting community.

Logan Paul appears to be fully prepared for his upcoming fight with Bellator fighter Dillon Danis. In a recent post, he shared footage that gives viewers a glimpse at his training. The highly anticipated six-round Bridgerweight bout will take place in four days as part of the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 event, which also includes fights featuring KSI and Tommy Fury. The tension between Danis and Paul, fueled by their public feud online, has contributed to the already significant buzz surrounding the event.

The most recent tweet stated, “I am prepared to fight.” A brief training sequence is shown, starting with Paul practicing boxing while wearing an elevation mask. This is followed by working on a speed bag, jumping rope, and sparring. In the midst of the montage, he is seen taking a drink from his Prime water bottle. However, the comments suggest that the tweet may have had unintended consequences.

Fans quickly criticize Logan Paul’s bold statement.

A user criticized Logan Paul’s statement “Ready to Kill,” pointing out that his boxing record currently stands at zero wins, one draw, and two losses as a YouTuber, boxer, and pro wrestler. The user questioned if Paul plans to defeat his trainers, in relation to his previous statement.

The fan appears to have chosen a confrontational approach. They claimed that despite investing heavily in a team, training resources, and gear, Logan Paul remains a subpar fighter.

Logan Paul seems scared by this particular fan. Otherwise, he should allow comments for those who wish to show their admiration and praise for him.

This individual seems sure that mixed martial artist Mike Perry will be the one facing Logan Paul in a fight, and believes he will swiftly knock out Paul.

The actions of this user may be unexpected to some, as they have tagged Jake Paul. Previously, ‘The Maverick’ confidently declared themselves to be a superior boxer compared to their opponent. Will ‘The Problem Child’, who is younger, alter their perspective after viewing their brother’s unskilled footage?

Numerous devoted supporters and admirers bore witness to Dillon Danis’ relentless barrage of posts targeting Nina Agdal, the fiancee of Loan Paul. The mixed martial artist’s trolling skills were even acknowledged by Paul himself during a podcast. Agdal eventually resorted to a lawsuit, seeking damages of $150,000 and a restraining order. Recent rumors suggest that Danis may not show up for the fight. However, former UFC fighter and current Middleweight Bare Knuckle Boxer Mike Perry is prepared to take Danis’ place at the AO Arena on October 14.

Can’t reword this, it is a list of information about upcoming fights between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis and KSI and Tommy Fury, including the pay-per-view price, livestream details, date, time, venue, and ticket information.

If Dillon Danis does not appear, do you believe Logan Paul’s replacement, Mike Perry, has a chance at defeating him? We welcome your opinions in the comment section.

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The article titled “Are Your Coaches in Danger?” discusses Logan Paul’s recent statement about being ready to kill in his upcoming fight against Dillon Danis, with little reaction from the combat community.