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My Grandfather’s Absence is Felt Worldwide: Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Writes a Touching Message Against the Ongoing Conflict in Israel and Palestine to Support Humanitarian Efforts.

Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of the renowned boxer Muhammed Ali, has shared his sorrow for the innocent lives lost in the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. The situation has turned into a full-fledged war involving Hamas and Israel, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 1,200 people and numerous injuries. In light of the consecutive bombings and casualties, athletes have always had a complex connection with politics.

Their major platforms provide an opportunity to bring attention to social and political matters. This fosters a strong link between sports and wider societal concerns. In light of Floyd Mayweather’s stance, Ryan Garcia has also spoken out against acts of extreme violence. Both athletes have used their influence to promote awareness and discourage such actions. Now, Walsh has joined the ranks of boxers who are taking a stand.

to his professional boxing debut

Nico Ali Walsh anticipates how his late grandfather would react to his first professional boxing match.

Walsh felt deeply for his fellow Muslims who were being killed due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Families were torn apart and homes were destroyed. “It breaks my heart to see my Muslim siblings and others around the world suffering. It reminds me how much the world needs my grandfather – not only was he the greatest of all time, but he was also a truly remarkable man.”


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This brought back memories of his late grandfather, Muhammed Ali, a renowned figure in the boxing community. In addition to being a successful boxer, Ali was also known for his philanthropy. While Walsh shares the same perspective, he does not have the same widespread appeal as Ali did. Speculating on what Ali would have done if he were alive to witness the atrocities, Walsh stated that “His compassion would have compelled him to not only denounce the wrongdoings of all aggressors, but also to personally reach out to the leaders of all involved parties and urge them to stop the violence. He would have used whatever resources he had to provide aid and support to those suffering in Gaza.” Walsh strongly condemned the brutal acts and called for peaceful negotiation. He is not alone in speaking out against the devastating conflict, as other notable figures in the boxing world have also shared their opinions on the matter.

What is the response of other boxers to the current situation?

During this difficult time, Ryan Garcia spoke out against those exploiting vulnerable members of society. Furthermore, Floyd Mayweather, who is known for his extravagant lifestyle, showed compassion by personally intervening. He chose to offer assistance, such as food, bulletproof vests, and necessary supplies, to both Israeli civilians and officials. He used his private jet, which is worth $60 million, to transport these resources.

Ryan Garcia, a professional boxer, has joined forces with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in condemning the actions of terrorists who are causing harm to innocent lives during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Mayweather, who recently used his $60 million possession to aid those affected by the conflict, expressed his outrage at the situation, calling it “straight evil.”

Mayweather spoke to his followers, advocating for peace and emphasizing that Palestine should not be equated with Hamas. He emphasized that both parties deserve to live without constantly experiencing fear and conflict.

The situation in Israel and Palestine is deteriorating with each passing day. In response to this, an increasing number of athletes are stepping up to advocate for peace. What is your opinion on the actions taken by these boxers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Muhammad Ali’s grandson speaks out against the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine, sharing a heartfelt message for the sake of humanitarianism titled “The World Misses My Grandfather.” This post was originally published on EssentiallySports.