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The initial week of sales for EA Sports FC 24 were lower than those of FIFA 23; however, the sales for the Switch version were strong in comparison to other platforms.

On September 29th, a new chapter began as EA launched their own soccer game, EA Sports FC 24, after ending a 30-year collaboration with FIFA. While the overall concept remains the same, the game includes significant updates such as a complete overhaul of managerial careers and the addition of Evolution cards. With this major rebranding, players were curious about the extent of changes and performance of the game. As it has now been a week since its release, the question remains: how well has it been received?

In terms of initial week purchases, FC 24 fell short compared to FIFA 23 by a considerable difference. While it may mark the beginning of a new era for this soccer simulation franchise, it is still lacking in certain aspects.

In its first week of release, FIFA 23 outsold FC 24.

Based on the latest GfK data released by, FIFA 23 saw a 30% increase in physical sales compared to FC 24 during its first week of release. This result was not surprising, considering that many people had predicted the new game to underperform compared to its predecessor due to the departure from the FIFA franchise.

But this decline in purchases will not persist over time. Supporters will likely require some time to adjust. And with the game’s global expansion, the increase in online sales will undoubtedly compensate for the initial setback.

Can you explain the basic contrast between EA Sports FC 24 and FIFA 24?

FC 24 has taken the lead in sales this week, surpassing popular titles such as Mortal Kombat 1, Hogwarts Legacy, and GTA 5 as of September 30. It continues to rank as the second highest selling game of the year, only behind The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These impressive sales numbers only account for physical copies; it is likely that with digital sales, FC 24 could claim the top spot.

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The version for Switch is at the forefront.

The Switch edition of FC 24 is currently dominating the charts, despite other versions lagging behind FIFA 23. This can be attributed to several factors. In the past, FIFA games on the Nintendo Switch have had to make compromises in comparison to other platforms. However, EA has chosen a different approach this year.

The graphics and gameplay of FC 24 on the Switch are comparable to those on other platforms. However, what sets the Switch version apart is that it will be the first EA Sports title to use the Frostbite engine.

The new successor is not performing as well as its predecessor, despite having a different name. However, the Switch version is making up for this by excelling in its performance.

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EA Sports FC 24 had lower first week sales than FIFA 23 upon launch, however, the sales for the Switch version have been thriving in comparison to other formats. This was reported by EssentiallySports.