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Rhea Ripley comes back with a vengeance after being gone for 21 days, asking Nia Jax a two-word question.

Monday Night RAW kicked off with a physical altercation between Nia Jax and her ex-teammate Shayna Baszler. Raquel Rodriguez and the returning Rhea Ripley joined in, resulting in a chaotic brawl. Security intervened and Ripley confronted Jax for her previous attack.

However, Ripley concluded the intense segment with a statement that she also reiterated on her social media platforms. Mami made a wise decision by keeping her message concise and straightforward for Nia Jax.

Rhea Ripley makes a statement upon her return after 21 days

Nia Jax had been subtly suggesting for several months that she would target Rhea Ripley upon her return to WWE. This was confirmed on September 11th when she interfered in the title match between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez. Initially, Jax attacked Rodriguez to aid Ripley in winning the match. However, she later turned on Ripley and ended the show with a Bonzai drop.

According to Michael Cole, Ripley sustained bruised ribs which caused her to miss several weeks of wrestling. However, on the September 18th show, Mami’s ‘Dirty Dom’ revealed that Ripley had not forgotten about Jax. Ripley demonstrated this when she returned for the October 2nd show.

Rhea Ripley then delivered a two-word message for Nia Jax on October 2nd through X with a picture of her beating Jax. The caption read, “Miss me? 🃏

It was mentioned that Ripley had been absent from WWE for 21 days following a severe attack by Jax during the September 11th episode of RAW.

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It is uncertain whether or not Rhea Ripley will participate in Fastlane, but there are rumors that she may challenge Nia Jax for a championship match at the event. There is also a possibility that Shayna Baszler and Raquel Rodriguez could also be involved. Nevertheless, Jax and Ripley are expected to have a match in the near future.

Nia Jax has been dropping hints about her comeback for a while now.

This feud dates back to August 2021 when they competed against each other in a one-on-one match. Ripley emerged victorious with a sudden roll-up, but then snuck up on Nia Jax to execute a Riptide move. ‘The Irresistible Force’ had this moment in mind as she prepared for her comeback.

In an Interview with Bill Apter on August 11th, she revealed that she would take her revenge on Rhea Ripley. She said, “

Rhea Ripley, your Dominance Dominance is not going to aid you, dear. I will seek retribution.

“Currently, WWE has officially announced that she will face Raquel Rodriguez on next week’s RAW episode.”

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Viewers are requesting a modification after seeing Rhea Ripley make a rare appearance on a live broadcast.

After being gone for 21 days, Rhea Ripley makes a vengeful comeback and poses a two-word question to Nia Jax on EssentiallySports.