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Days after creating a $169,000 accessory, Lewis Hamilton reveals his plans for the Mercedes “L Class”.

What is Lewis Hamilton known for? When you imagine him, do you immediately think of him as the top-performing Formula 1 driver? Do his 7 world championships and 103 race victories come to mind? These are often the initial thoughts that come to people’s minds when they hear his name. However, amidst his on-track accomplishments, it’s easy to overlook his off-track pursuits, including his entrepreneurial abilities. One of his passions is horology, the craft of watchmaking.

I have always had a passion for watches. The first one I owned was a Mickey Mouse watch from Disneyland when I was six years old.

Hamilton mentioned that he has always wanted to create a watch that is uniquely his own. Thanks to IWC Schaffhausen, a renowned Swiss luxury watch company, this dream has finally come true. With this accomplishment checked off his list, Hamilton shared his excitement for another project he is eager to begin.

Lewis Hamilton is embracing his creativity as a designer.

Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013. He’s, therefore, been affiliated with its partner, IWC, for a decade as well. In the past 10 years, he honed his dream of horology and collaborated with IWN thrice. The most recent collaboration yielded the

Reworded: The Portugieser Tourbillon Rétrograde Chronograph worn by Lewis Hamilton.

The luxurious timepiece, priced at $169,000, features a platinum case and 12 diamonds, symbolizing sophistication and accuracy. In honor of his racing number 44, IWC will produce a limited edition of only 44 of these watches.

After fulfilling a part of his dream by joining IWC, he disclosed another goal he is pursuing with Mercedes. During an interview with WatchPro, he was questioned about his experience in disassembling and reassembling a watch. He responded by saying,

“I am unsure of my skill level, but I am eager for the chance to try. It is something I wish to pursue when I have more free time. I am intrigued by the developments in the watch market. I have a small collection and would be thrilled to create more designs.” 

Just like his Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, he added,

“I am interested in developing my own brand, not just limited to watches. It would be called the “L class” for Mercedes. We have various projects in the works, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Can you envision what the L-Class will resemble? Will it have a sedan design similar to the C or S-Class, or will it be an SUV like the GLE? Or perhaps it will be more comparable to the AMG ONE, a road car powered by an F1 engine? Whatever Hamilton is developing, it will certainly be worth anticipating.

Lewis Hamilton, known as the “Fashion King,” caused a stir on the internet when he collaborated with a heavyweight worth $1 billion and sported an all-black outfit.

The individual who has won seven times has a talent for designing and producing items. This talent has always been present, and now, it is being fully embraced. What makes it even better is that this individual is just as committed to learning as they are to creating, which is how they impressed their watch designer.

Hamilton is the perfect apprentice

The initial encounter between Hamilton and IWC for a joint project involved Hamilton emphasizing his complete dedication to learning, designing, and creating. In his interview with WatchPro, he expressed this sentiment.

I visited the manufacturer and witnessed the production process. I enjoy working together with others, especially the watch designers, and was amazed by some of their creations.Portugieser Tourbillon Rétrograde Chronograph

What impressed the designer was his creative process and determination to learn.

Lewis Hamilton celebrating

On June 4, 2023, at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton celebrated his second place finish at the Spanish Grand Prix of the Formula One F1.

I was fortunate enough to have a design session with Lewis Hamilton, and I will always remember his inquisitiveness, teamwork, and genuine excitement for being involved in the creative process. I was pleasantly surprised by his kindness and relaxed demeanor, which is remarkable for someone who leads such a competitive and fast-paced lifestyle.said IWC designer Maria Luisa Mamusa. Lewis Hamilton is devoted to F1 for at least the next two years. Once he does decide to hang up his boots, there’s no doubt he’ll be the driver of many such collaborations and projects to come. 

Are you eagerly anticipating the Mercedes L-Class and all the other possibilities that lie ahead for the seven-time champion?

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Lewis Hamilton revealed plans for a new Mercedes “L Class” and also recently designed an accessory worth $169,000.