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The city of Amsterdam will host a historic showdown as it welcomes the FIBA 3×3 Basketball World Championship.

Eleven years ago, the high-speed, shortened version of basketball, created by a former FIBA executive, traveled across the globe, gained new followers, and drew in more global players and skill. And currently, it is commemorating its 100th Masters tournament in Amsterdam, a new addition to the impressive list of locations where the Masters have been held.

Including Amsterdam on the roster makes it even more extraordinary. Not only is it a new addition, but it is also the location for the 100th masters tournament. The FIBA 3×3 Amsterdam Masters is scheduled for October 6-7. The FIBA 3×3 Basketball World Championship continues to dominate the basketball world with its increasing popularity and dedicated fan base.

A Brief History of 3×3

The fast-paced game played on a half-court was originally conceived by former general secretary Patrick Baumann. His inspiration came from the streetball version of the game, which led to the creation of FIBA 3×3. After making some modifications to the rules, the game was tested internationally and quickly gained popularity. It was trialed in various events around the world.

The game was officially introduced at the Youth Olympics in Singapore in 2010. It quickly gained popularity among fans around the globe. This contributed to the growth and widespread appeal of basketball.


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“We are now in a new era as the court results show that basketball has significantly expanded on a global scale. South American and European players have reached the same level as those from the USA, marking a pivotal moment in basketball history.”

– The late Patrick Baumann discussed the evolution of the game.

An Overview of 3×3

Following its debut at the Youth Olympics and gaining widespread popularity, the event was officially launched into a professional league. This global tour attracted participants from various countries to compete for a large cash prize. The inaugural masters tournament was held in Sao Paulo in July 2012 and consisted of six events, with the final event taking place in Miami. The World Tour was met with great success and quickly expanded its reach.

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This year has been monumental and has experienced tremendous growth. The 2023 season will consist of 17 major events, culminating in the World Tour final in Jeddah. 3×3 basketball has been elevated to Olympic status, leading to an influx of top international players. This has been a journey of remarkable development and progress across the hundred major events. It is a significant milestone that will be commemorated in Amsterdam.

We will be commemorating one of the numerous achievements in FIBA 3×3.

The FIBA 3×3 Basketball World Championship is coming to Amsterdam for an exciting showdown that will make history.