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The Red Sox’s bold move causes the SF Giants to make a daring decision, but the Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner remains quiet.

The 2023 campaign is concluding with certain difficult lessons for select teams. Following in the footsteps of the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants are also undergoing some significant changes in preparation for the upcoming season. Yet, the Giants’ recent reveal has caught their fans off guard. Interestingly, after the Giants’ decision was made public, the lack of response from the New York Yankees was what truly shocked fans.

Although the Yankees had a disastrous season, they have shown no reaction or action. While other teams are actively investigating the causes of their failures and dismissing those at fault, Steinbrenner has not taken any steps so far. Yet, the SF Giants’ bold move after their elimination from the playoffs demonstrates that they are willing to hold anyone accountable, even members of their own team.

The announcement of the San Francisco Giants’ bold decision to fire their staff was made public.

Managing a team is crucial for its success. When Gabe Kapler became the manager of the Giants in 2020, they only made it to the postseason once in 2021. However, that was their most successful season with 107 wins in the regular season. Although they started off strong this year, things took a turn during the middle of the season and ultimately led to their elimination from the playoffs. After confirming their elimination, the team’s executive, Farhan Zaidi, and ownership made a daring choice to dismiss Gabe Kapler as the team manager on Friday.

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After the decision was made to dismiss him, Zaidi’s statement was shared with the following message: “After presenting this recommendation to the owners and receiving their approval, I met with Gabe today to inform him of our decision.” Zaidi also referred to Gabe as his colleague and friend, stating, “He has shown dedication and passion in his efforts to enhance the on-field performance of the San Francisco Giants, and I hold him in high regard as both a colleague and friend.”

After being eliminated from the postseason, the Giants made a daring decision, while the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox had already implemented similar changes during the season. The Red Sox let go of their Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, while the White Sox parted ways with their senior vice president and general manager, Rick Hahn.

Although their season was just as disappointing as the other two teams, the Yankees have opted to stay quiet about their next steps. It is unclear who they hold responsible for their ongoing decline, causing speculation among fans about the accountability of Brain Cashman and Aaron Boone.

Is there a possibility that the New York Yankees will terminate the contracts of Boone and Cashman?

Despite speculation, the team has not officially announced any firings at this time. However, owner Hal Steinbrenner has expressed interest in conducting an audit in October to determine where the large sum of money he has invested in the team since 2009 has gone. Many loyal fans of the Yankees believe that the general manager and manager are to blame for the team’s failure to reach the World Series for 14 years. They view the idea of a third-party audit as a mere publicity stunt and see no point in it if Aaron and Cashman are not let go from their positions.

The MLB insider has shared that Hal Steinbrenner, the disliked top brass of the Yankees, has announced his serious plans for auditing as the team faces mockery during a lost season.

A source familiar with the MLB has disclosed that Hal Steinbrenner, the unpopular head of the Yankees, has revealed his intentions to conduct a thorough audit in light of the team’s struggles and ensuing ridicule during this disappointing season.

Only the passing of time will reveal if the Yankees’ management will face a comparable outcome or not.

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The decision made by the Red Sox to be aggressive has led to the SF Giants making a bold move by firing someone, but the Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner has not commented on the situation. This was reported on EssentiallySports.