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The Brazilian journalist reports on Neymar’s struggles in Al Hilal, despite his record-breaking $418 million transfer, as he fails to score and faces challenges in the team.

Neymar Jr. has not yet displayed his scoring skills for Al Hilal. The renowned Brazilian player had a positive influence on Blue Waves, but was unable to score in three games. In contrast, a Brazilian journalist pointed out Neymar’s successful starts with previous clubs, highlighting the difficulties he faced in his debut with Al Zaeem.

Neymar had an impressive start to his career with Santos, FC Barcelona, and Paris St. Germain. However, he was unable to replicate that success in his initial matches after moving to the Arabian region. Despite this, he has had no trouble scoring goals for his new clubs as a star player for PSG.

What was the journalist’s comment on Neymar?

Neymar, a star player from Brazil, has scored a total of 374 goals throughout his career, both for his club and internationally. According to UOL columnist Thiago Arantes, Neymar has a track record of scoring early on in his previous club’s games. In his first game with Paris Saint-Germain, he scored a goal against Guingamp. He also scored his debut goal for Barcelona in only the third preseason game, playing against the Thailand national team.

Neymar played for 296 minutes with Al Hilal following Al Shabab’s game, but was unable to score a goal for the Saudi team. Thiago Arantes commented on this, saying, “The forward has always been quick to make a positive impact wherever he plays. However, since his debut with Santos in March 2009, he has not struggled as much to score in a new team.”


On September 18, 2023, at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Neymar JR of Al-Hilal SFC KSA competed against PFC Navbahor UZB during Match Day 1 of the AFC Champions League 2023-24. The game was captured by photographer xStrignerx and published on September 19, 2023.

The highly valued player from Al Hilal, worth $418 million, needs to quickly adjust to his new team in order to maintain success in the upcoming games of the season. In addition, Neymar made a strong impression in the previous league match, highlighting his influence on the Blue Waves.

After missing a penalty, Neymar faces potential injury in the upcoming Champions League match due to unsuitable stadium conditions at the rival team’s venue.

What was the impact of the Brazilian star on Al Hilal’s league match?

Al Hilal secured first place in the Saudi Pro League after eight games, earning twenty points. Neymar took center stage by assisting in two crucial goals, leading to a 2-0 win against Al Shabab. Despite missing a penalty in the 37th minute with a weak shot that was easily saved by the opposing goalkeeper, the former Barcelona player’s strategic prowess in breaking through the defense was crucial in securing the victory against Al Shabab.

Al Hilal will compete against Iranian team Nassaji in a Group D match of the Asian Champions League. The Saudi league champions, who have won 18 times, were able to earn one point in their first match against Navbohar. Fans are optimistic that Neymar will make a difference in Al Hilal’s upcoming AFC CL match and help them secure their first three points in the group stage.

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Brazilian journalist provides detailed account of Neymar’s struggles in Al Hilal, despite his $418 million transfer and ongoing goalless streak.