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Fans are expressing doubt in Mike Tyson-supported David Benavidez, nicknamed the “Mexican Monster,” and his ability to defeat Canelo Alvarez after watching Jermell Charlo’s fight. Benavidez has issued a warning to Alvarez.

Soon after Canelo Alvarez’s dominant win against Jermell Charlo, David Benavidez wasted no time. In a unique move, instead of speaking, he opted for shadowboxing. captured the moment, showcasing a silent declaration of confidence. While some saw it as boldness, others saw it as mere showmanship. Can a message be conveyed without physically striking an opponent? Do shadow punches hold significance?

Surprisingly, Mike Tyson shares this belief. The former Heavyweight champion has openly supported Benavidez’s abilities against Alvarez, creating an interesting dynamic. With this endorsement, Benavidez’s actions become even more captivating. They spark curiosity, raise questions, and increase excitement. Could this be a sign of an upcoming challenge? Or is it simply a declaration of determination? It could even be seen as a slight towards the current champion. Regardless of the motive, it is clear that the boxing community is paying close attention.

Can David Benavidez pose a real challenge to Canelo’s dominance?

David Benavidez is not satisfied with just practicing his boxing moves. He is also using statistics to make a point. During a recent comparison between his boxing record and Canelo Alvarez’s, Benavidez found some interesting numbers to support his argument.

Alvarez has a career that has lasted 17 years, with an outstanding record of 60 wins, 2 draws, and only 2 losses. In contrast, Benavidez has been a professional for only 10 years but has managed to maintain an undefeated streak. He has won 27 fights, with an impressive 23 of them being knockouts. Benavidez’s message is clear: even though his record may be shorter, it is still just as impressive.

In addition, escalated the growing competition by sharing a video of Benavidez shadowboxing, possibly suggesting what Canelo could expect if they were to face each other in a match. This preview caused even more speculation, with fans expressing their opinions.

One fan expressed confidence that Canelo will defeat his opponent, while another argued that the opponent’s punches will not be able to get through Canelo’s defense and will end up looking like Charlo. The debate continued with another fan pointing out a perceived weakness in the opponent’s fighting style, saying that they are not agile enough to defeat someone with Canelo’s speed, power, mobility, skills, and experience.

, too fast for Jake Paul”

One user injected some humor by saying, “Canelo would find it too slow, but Jake Paul would find it too fast.”😂

However, one individual made a humorous critique, jokingly stating that “It’s simple to punch the air. My grandmother, who is 92 years old, can do it.”

The boxing community is abuzz with excitement, and these fan responses provide just a glimpse into the larger discussion about a potential showdown between the two top boxers.

The following statement was made: “You should feel embarrassed by your actions.”

If these two titans were to battle it out in the boxing arena, who would ultimately deliver the final blow? Would it be the reigning champion or the emerging challenger?

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Fans are expressing doubts about David Benavidez, who is backed by Mike Tyson and referred to as the “Mexican Monster,” following his fight with Jermell Charlo. Benavidez has issued a warning to Canelo Alvarez, but fans remain unconvinced. This information was shared on EssentiallySports.