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Scump’s First Nuke on Rust in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Earns Him Title of “The Goat” According to Community.

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 open beta has been released. Fans of the popular game series have been showing a lot of support and excitement for the latest installment. Some have even deemed it as the ideal follow-up to Modern Warfare 2, with the potential for even more improvements from Activision.

Currently, numerous beta players are having a great time playing the game, including notable names such as Aydan Conrad and Symfuhny. However, Modern Warfare 3 seems to hold a special place for retired Call of Duty professional player Scump. He has already achieved an impressive feat in the game, garnering admiration from the community.

Scump successfully executes the first-ever nuclear strike in Modern Warfare 3 on the map Rust.

Scump recently posted a tweet showcasing his most recent gameplay of Modern Warfare 3. He was joined by Shotzzy and accomplished a remarkable feat that no other player had achieved. Scump proudly exclaimed, “I got it!” after successfully obtaining the first-ever nuke on Rust in MW3.

He wasted no time in launching the nuke and quickly eliminated all of his enemies. Shotzzy, his teammate, even commended him, saying, “You may have gotten the first Rust nuke. Honestly, I think you did! It’s impossible for anyone else to have gotten it unless they were cheating.” The two also discussed the difficulty of pulling off this accomplishment after successfully deploying the nuke.

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100 Thieves.

The community has begun to commend Scump for his accomplishment. The 28-year-old retired from the competitive Call of Duty scene, with his final team being 100 Thieves.OpTic Texas

He has recently begun creating content on YouTube, resulting in a following of over 2.7 million people. His most recent achievement is expected to greatly boost his number of followers.

Fans of Call of Duty are raving about Scump’s accomplishment.

Scump’s accomplishment has received a lot of recognition from the Call of Duty community. Numerous supporters have expressed their admiration for his achievement, with some even referring to him as “the greatest of all time”.

A supporter requested that he make a comeback to the competitive realm, even if it’s just for one additional year.

One of his devoted supporters remarked that this video should suffice in quieting the critics.

A playful fan asserted that Scump had the backing of Shotzzy, resulting in this accomplishment.

Another supporter participated in the activity and asserted that he accomplished it prior to Scump.

The positive responses indicate that the community still has faith in Scump’s abilities as a competitive player. Do you think Scump will make a comeback in competitive Call of Duty? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Scump’s First Nuke on Rust in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Leads Community to Declare Him as “The Goat”.