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“I am disappointed with Texas’s performance,” Daniel Ricciardo laments as Yuki Tsunoda steals the spotlight during the US Grand Prix comeback.

The 2023 Formula 1 season has not been successful for Daniel Ricciardo. Despite taking some time off from racing, he was given another opportunity by the Red Bull group to join the Alpha Tauri team midway through the season. However, due to the team’s struggles and an injury, Ricciardo did not have enough time to get used to the car. As a result, he has faced many challenges this year. Additionally, after a disappointing performance at one of his preferred races, Ricciardo openly shared his thoughts, as rookie driver Yuki Tsunoda stole the spotlight.

Starting from the #14 position on the grid, Ricciardo had a significant distance to make up during the United States Grand Prix. However, luck was not on his side as he ultimately finished in a disappointing #15 place. This also meant that his impressive Texan appearance was not put to good use. Despite these setbacks, Ricciardo openly shared his thoughts on his performance at COTA.

Daniel Ricciardo’s perspective on the US Grand Prix.

Ricciardo did not intend to finish in last place at the US GP. However, due to Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton’s disqualification after the race, he was pushed to the #15 position. This was a bit disappointing for Ricciardo, especially since he had a strong performance during the sprint. To add to his disappointment, Yuki Tsunoda’s ability to earn points only made Ricciardo’s day more difficult.

Daniel Ricciardo

On November 19, 2022, Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo of the McLaren F1 Team competed in the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The event was captured in a photo by HOCH ZWEI and took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

After the race, Daniel Ricciardo spoke openly and said, “Texas has not been very forgiving. We were doing well with our strategy at the beginning, but when the cars with blue flags caught up to us, we lost a lot of ground. We had difficulty navigating through traffic and also sustained some damage later on, which caused us to lose speed.”

Ricciardo openly acknowledged that he has not had much luck at COTA. Even though he made it through the first lap without incident, things did not go his way. The heavy traffic impeded his strategy and prevented him from passing Kevin Magnussen and the Alfa Romeo drivers in front of him.

The sprint races and final race at the US Grand Prix clearly demonstrated the significant influence tire wear would have. Additionally, with the high temperatures in Austin, tire and brake management were major topics of discussion. Ricciardo’s additional observations highlighted this, as he remarked, “On the medium tires, we were matching Yuki’s lap times, but because I was on a one-stop strategy, I had to manage my tires more.”

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Although Daniel Ricciardo was sidelined due to an injury during the Dutch Grand Prix, he has not lost his skill in racing. His speed was impressively close to Yuki’s. However, Alpha Touri’s choice to use a one-stop strategy proved to be unsuccessful, especially in the hot temperatures of the COTA circuit. Unfortunately for Ricciardo, but there are surely better times ahead for him.

Could the Mexican Grand Prix potentially mark a pivotal moment for Ricciardo?

Despite facing challenges such as misfortune, injuries, and ineffective team tactics from Alpha Tauri during the US GP, Ricciardo probably wishes to put the race behind him and look ahead. As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, there may be a chance for him to turn things around.

Daniel Ricciardo

During the 2023 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Stavelot, Belgium, Daniel Ricciardo competed for the AlphaTauri team.

It may not be a simple task. As Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso gradually improve their performance and Williams, Alpine, and Haas gain strong momentum, Daniel Ricciardo will need to exceed expectations in order to earn points in a highly competitive season.

Should we expect to see Daniel Ricciardo replacing Sergio Perez at Red Bull?

Although the US GP presented difficulties, Daniel Ricciardo’s straightforward remarks demonstrate his resolute drive to recover in the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix. He must make strategic changes and greatly enhance his performance to redeem himself in the midst of intense competition during this demanding F1 season. It is possible that he may secure a spot on the Red Bull team for the 2024 season.

Daniel Ricciardo expresses frustration as Yuki Tsunoda overshadows comeback at US Grand Prix in Texas.