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Out of nowhere, he has become the dominant figure. Prior to his upcoming match against Islam Makhachev, Joe Rogan commends Charles Oliveira on his remarkable ascent in the UFC.

Joe Rogan

“I have a plethora of complex vocabulary to express.” Charles Oliveira

The podcaster recently interviewed the reigning bantamweight champion.Sean O’Malley and his coach, Tim Welch.

The three individuals discussed various topics, and when the conversation turned to UFC fighters, it would be impossible to exclude Do Bronx.

On October 21st, at UFC 294, Oliveira will face a major challenge as it has been one year since he lost his title. He was forced to give it up to Islam Makhachev but now he is seeking revenge.

Joe Rogan commends Charles Oliveira for his impressive comeback performance.

Charles Oliveira initially struggled in the UFC, with a mixed record as a featherweight. In an attempt to improve his consistency, he decided to move to the lightweight division. This decision proved successful, as he began to achieve significant victories. Joe Rogan, a commentator for the UFC, recognized and praised this positive change.

“He was severely dehydrated and in a bad state at the age of 45, and for unknown reasons, he was unable to maintain his mental well-being.”Said Rogan.
Suddenly, he became the dominant figure.

Rogan’s statement holds some validity. There are several instances of fighters who have switched weight classes and found success. But the question remains, did this alone contribute to Oliveira’s improvement as a fighter? Rogan suggested that his newfound motivation also played a role in his growth.

“When comparing Charles to Beneil Dariush, it appears that he has returned. Charles is an intriguing case, as there were doubts about his abilities after the Cub Swanson fight and a few other matches. However, since becoming a father and getting a dog, Charles seems to have found his stride again.”

A fighter’s mental drive can greatly impact the outcome of a fight. This was evident in Do Bronx’s record, as he had not suffered a loss since 2017 until his defeat by Islam Makhachev last year. If Oliveira is victorious in their title rematch, it could lead to a highly significant opportunity for both fighters. The bantamweight champion has also mentioned the possibility of a trilogy between them.

“Suga” is hoping for Oliveira to win the championship.

Sean O’Malley understands the essence of being a champion. However, that is not his sole motivation for wanting Oliveira to reclaim the title. He expressed the desire for an exhilarating third match unlike any other. With Oliveira’s unpredictable nature and Islam’s formidable strength, a trilogy would be a game-changer.

“I would be ecstatic to witness Charles emerge as the victor.” said O’Malley.

“That would create a significant trilogy.”

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with him

Currently, we will need to wait and observe if Oliveira will seek revenge, particularly since Makhachev will not have his reliable companion by his side. Khabib Nurmagomedov 2 days

I was with him for two days.his upcoming fight

Some fans believe that this may affect his performance, but ‘The Eagle’ has faith in his teammate. The rest will be revealed in the coming events.UFC 294

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Joe Rogan has recently expressed admiration for Charles Oliveira’s impressive journey in the UFC, referring to him as “the fucking man.” This comes as Oliveira prepares to face Islam Makhachev in an upcoming fight. The post about this was published on EssentiallySports.