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After 132 days since his 5th ring hopes were shattered, Nikola Jokic shuts down LeBron James’ preferred “Coach Prime” with just two words.

Nikola Jokic is as real as they come. The Denver Nuggets star player always keeps it simple. The Nuggets’ media day generated a great fan following for the already-loved Serbian. It also served to show just how pure the two-time NBA MVP is. Nikola gives a lot of importance to his family. But, he is devoted to the game and gives it his all when he is on the court. That was what landed the Nuggets their first championship, and cost LeBron James his fifth.

His commitment, diligence, strong work ethic, and unwavering consistency serve as a model for all in the league to aspire towards.

Jokic does not know who LeBron’s preferred coach is.

During media day, Nikola gave a typical Jokic response when asked about his knowledge of Deion Sanders, also known as “Coach Prime”. He simply replied with a “No Sorry”.



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He was completely truthful, without any intention to harm or offend the well-known coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. He was just being himself, Nikola Jokic. It is unlikely that Deion Sanders will let this go on. As someone known for his outgoing nature, Coach Prime may invite Jokic to hang out or visit him.

LeBron James shares a passion for football and also has a strong admiration for Sanders.

James has always been a fan of football, sparking discussions about the potential outcomes. However, at the moment, LeBron is expressing admiration for Deion Sanders, the coach of the Buffaloes.

After publicly calling out insincere individuals in his life, LeBron James pays tribute to Coach Prime Deion Sanders with a heartfelt message of just five words.

After publicly exposing disingenuous people in his circle, LeBron James honors Coach Prime Deion Sanders with a heartfelt message consisting of only five words.

Following the Buffaloes’ victory against the Cornhuskers on September 9th, LeBron James promptly shared his thoughts on Twitter.


During a recent display of friendship, The King was greatly impressed by Sanders’ Prime Colorado Cleats. He even shared a post on Instagram requesting a trade from Nike to Nike. Coach Prime responded with a video of a shoe in LeBron’s size, saying “You can always count on me to have your back.”



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Two iconic figures in each of their respective fields, with enormous respect and camaraderie that transcends petty rivalry that is often a characteristic feature in the field of sports. This simple gesture on the part of LeBron and Sanders touched the lives of millions who look up to them for inspiration.

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Do you believe that King James and Coach Prime will visit the “Joker” in the NBA soon?

After 132 days since his 5th ring dreams were crushed, Nikola Jokic dismisses LeBron James’ favorite “Coach Prime” with just two words. This was reported by EssentiallySports.