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“His Lack of Faith in Me”: With Limited Time Before First Bout of $100 Million Contract, Canelo Alvarez Shares His Drive to Defeat Jermell Charlo

In a few days, the highly anticipated match between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo will take place. This will be a showdown between two undisputed champions from different weight divisions on September 30 at the T-Mobile Arena. The fight will be at a catchweight of 168 lbs, putting all of Alvarez’s Super Middleweight titles on the line. This will be Alvarez’s third time defending his undisputed title and he seems to be ready for the challenge.

Only a couple of hours prior, the concluding press conference for the fight occurred, during which both competitors exchanged verbal jabs. However, the insults remained respectful and the real action was reserved for the actual fight. Alvarez also shared the one factor that fueled his determination during training for his match against Charlo.

Canelo Alvarez is ready to demonstrate his abilities against Charlo.

Jermell Charlo has been announced as Canelo Alvarez’s first opponent as part of the $100 million PBC three-fight agreement. During the press conference, Alvarez responded to previous comments made by Charlo where he expressed doubt in Alvarez’s abilities. This did not sit well with Alvarez, who stated, “I am motivated by this. He never had faith in my skills. He always challenged me and now, I am ready to prove him wrong in a few days.”

Right away, the person leading the press conference inquired with Alvarez about whether his drive to succeed is solely influenced by Charlo’s comments or if it also includes a desire to show the media, who may think he has declined, otherwise. In response, Alvarez stated, “You know, you can never prove anything to others. They always have something to say. I simply want to prove myself.”

Right after that, the host asked Jermell Charlo if he still agreed with his previous assessment of Cinnamon’s boxing abilities.


Jermell Charlo is determined to come out victorious in the fight at all costs.

The reigning Light Middleweight world champion was questioned about Canelo Alvarez’s boxing abilities, and he responded honestly without trying to hide the truth. He remained composed and stated, “That’s just the reality of it.” He also made it clear that despite his opponent’s words, he is going to Las Vegas with the determination to come out as the victor.

Furthermore, he added that he has no issue with his comments serving as motivation for Alvarez to continue honing his skills, but his focus is solely on the upcoming fight. He expressed, “Whether you have confidence in your abilities or not, you understand what I’m saying. There are many doubters out there. However, we will see on Saturday if that is his driving force and if he is determined to showcase his skills. In that case, let it be.”

Former trainer of Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin predicts the fate of Jermell Charlo against Mexican boxing icon, Canelo Alvarez, years after the latter’s $230 million fights.

Both fighters appear prepared for their upcoming match and it is expected that they will deliver an impressive performance for the audience at the fight this Saturday. What do you think of their last press conference? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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