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Michael Jordan’s commitment to his $150 million NASCAR team during the playoffs impresses the racing community, as he consistently performs at a high level during this crucial time.

Have you ever thought about the significance of the number 23 in 23XI? In case you didn’t know, 23 was the number on Michael Jordan’s jersey when he played for the Chicago Bulls, and XI represents Denny Hamlin’s number 11 car for Joe Gibbs Racing. While Michael Jordan’s famous number is clearly incorporated into the name of his Cup series team, he hasn’t been very involved in this season’s races. However, that is about to change.

Since June and July, the two 23XI racing teams have struggled with execution as a significant issue. During this time, Tyler Reddick had a series of five races where he finished in 27th place or worse, while Bubba Wallace’s best finish was 15th place. Despite these challenges, both drivers were able to qualify for the playoffs this year. Recently, Michael Jordan has been actively showing support for his team, which may have contributed to the McDonald-sponsored team’s improved performance.

The co-owner of 23XI, Michael Jordan’s partner, revealed how significant the ‘Jumpman’ symbol has been.

Denny Hamlin has acknowledged that Michael Jordan is now more active in the team’s marketing efforts. Following the sale of his majority share in the Charlotte Hornets, MJ has been dedicating more time to team meetings. This increased involvement appears to be having a positive impact.

Per NBC Sports, Denny Hamlin stated that Michael Jordan has provided valuable insights and knowledge to the team. Jordan has begun to highlight both positive and negative aspects of the team’s operations, which, according to Hamlin, has been beneficial.

Denny Hamlin shared that he has noticed an increase in the number of meetings he is participating in. He acknowledged that he is actively listening during these meetings, but if he hears something he disagrees with, he will speak up and offer his perspective. He believes in the importance of self-reflection and reminds himself to focus on his own actions rather than pointing fingers at others. He sees this as valuable advice to live by.

Michael Jordan

On June 24, 2023 in Lebanon, TN at Nashville SuperSpeedway, Michael Jordan, co-owner of 23Xi, conversed with Denny Hamlin (#11 Joe Gibbs Racing FedEx Ground Toyota) during qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400. The interaction was captured by photographer Jeff Robinson.

Tyler Reddick expressed his belief that this incident could have occurred earlier, stating, “As soon as we got into the thick of it, we rallied together. It would have been beneficial to address it sooner, but once the playoffs began, we were fully focused.”

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However, it appears that Michael Jordan’s participation in his Cup series team has been well-received by fans. They have not hesitated to express their admiration and appreciation for him.


Michael Jordan’s presence at Homestead-Miami Speedway delighted fans.

The individual was spotted wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses, leaning against Bubba Wallace’s Toyota on pit road after the 4EVER 400 event. Jeff Gluck from The Athletic shared a photo of the moment on Twitter, stating that it has become a regular occurrence for MJ to be present on pit road after races. It is uncertain if he has missed any playoff races this year.

In just a matter of seconds, numerous comments began to flood in. One person remarked, “It’s wonderful to see Micheal actively showing his support for his teams. He has exceeded my expectations and has been more involved than I anticipated.”

One other person stated, “I believe he has attended every race since selling his share of the Hornets.”

A supporter commented, “I was under the impression that fans were convinced he would not be actively involved as an owner.”

However, this turned out to be false. He can no longer be labeled as an “absentee owner”. In regards to this, a fan of 23XI wrote, “It can never be claimed that he was not completely committed to his teams!”

Tyler Reddick confesses that Michael Jordan wasn’t anticipating much from him, but it was a strategy for success.

One person stated, “It’s wonderful to witness. Many prominent figures become owners but then disappear. It’s clear that he is actively involved and desires both success and strong connections.”

The man backs his financial ventures.👍🏼” added another.

What are your thoughts on MJ’s recent participation with his team? Do you believe the team could have performed better in the playoffs if Michael Jordan had gotten involved sooner? Some speculation is always welcome.

Michael Jordan’s $150 million investment in a NASCAR team earns respect from the racing community for his dedication during playoffs, proving he always performs well in the postseason.