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Leon Edwards recently shared an update on his training camp for his upcoming fight against Colby Covington at UFC 296, causing a divide among MMA fans with the statement, “You’ll end up like your brother.”

Many fans will recall Zhang Weili’s statements after her successful title defense at UFC 292. The UFC strawweight champion, known as ‘Magnum’, expressed how rigorous training can make any fight seem effortless. Many other fighters in the organization also share this belief, including UFC Welterweight champion Leon Edwards who recently demonstrated his support for Weili’s perspective.

The majority of the UFC fan base may already know about ‘Rocky’s’ upcoming match at UFC 296. The UFC organization has set the date for December 16th of this year. Considering the present time, it is reasonable to assume that Edwards has begun preparing for his next bout. He recently chose to share some snippets of his training sessions with his followers on Instagram. However, his post received mixed responses from fans.

Fans are ecstatic following training update from Leon Edwards.

Some fans may recall when Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, a well-known UFC Welterweight, successfully weighed in as the backup fighter at UFC 286. Following the event, UFC CEO Dana White granted him the opportunity to compete for the UFC Welterweight title. Therefore, it will be ‘Chaos’ facing off against ‘Rocky’ at UFC 296.

However, Edwards’ post on Instagram did not mention anything about Covington. Instead, it focused on his commitment to his training, as seen in the photos he shared. The majority of the images were of his weight training sessions throughout his training camp. The caption for his post was “WRKing.”


Please take a look at this post.


A post shared by Leon “Rocky” Edwards (@leonedwardsmma)

The replies on Edwards’ post showed that he had many supporters. They shared their confidence in Edwards through various encouraging comments. Yet, a few also commended Edwards’ physical prowess. Some of these comments included:

“I really appreciate the excellent variety of exercises for achieving a more aesthetically pleasing physique.”

“I will once again prove them wrong.”

“Have peace, Colby. It will be carried out! And still.”

“Destroy Chaos”

“I am eagerly anticipating the moment when you deliver a head kick to Colby, sending him into the shadow realm.”

However, not all responses displayed adoration for the champion from England. Certain followers made somber forecasts for the Birmingham native born in Jamaica, due to his brother’s defeat at Bellator 299 during the weekend.

Fans of the franchise ‘Rocky’ are experiencing somber memories after Bellator 299.

Fabian Edwards, the brother of Rocky, is a well-known MMA fighter. He competes in the middleweight category for Bellator MMA and is a prominent figure in the organization. However, his experience at Bellator 299 did not go as planned.

Francis Ngannou has rejected comparisons to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in regards to his potential boxing debut against Tyson Fury. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Ngannou admitted that he used to go his own way.

Unfortunately, he was defeated by Johnny Eblen in his fight, causing him to lose the chance to become the reigning Bellator middleweight champion. Many fans linked Edwards’ outcome at UFC 296 to his brother’s performance at Bellator 299. Some comments expressed this sentiment, saying:

Colby is going to leave you just like your brother did yesterday.

Colby is going to defeat you in the same manner that Fabian did last night.

You will ultimately become just like your sibling.

Many fans may be surprised by the bold behavior of Covington’s supporters, who have involved Edwards’ brother in their actions. It’s possible that Covington’s casual attitude on the microphone has influenced his fans to behave similarly. What are your thoughts? Do you think Edwards will be able to silence these negative fans, or will he face a similar fate as his brother did at Bellator 299?

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Leon Edwards recently shared an update on his training camp for his upcoming fight against Colby Covington at UFC 296. The post has sparked mixed reactions among the MMA community with some drawing comparisons to Edwards’ brother.