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After collaborating on a project worth $16 million with Gerard Pique’s former team, Shakira expressed great admiration for their philanthropic efforts.

Shakira, a popular musician from Colombia, recently made a major announcement while in her hometown of Barranquilla. Despite her breakup with ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, she has joined forces with his former employers to launch a huge project worth $16 million. This significant move by the Grammy-winning artist was highly praised by another Colombian singer-songwriter.

For decades, the Colombian icon has made significant contributions to the development of her country.

The vocalist’s goal is to make a positive impact on children throughout Colombia.

Shakira is commended for her generous charitable work.

This weekend, Shakira made a major announcement in her hometown.

At an event in Barranquilla, Shakira announced that her organization, the Barefoot Foundation, and her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique’s former team, FC Barcelona, will be opening a new school in the city.

Fellow Colombian singer Lucas Arnau commended the singer for her actions.

Arnau posted on his Twitter profile to express admiration for the singer’s ongoing efforts to give back to her community. He stated, “Shakira will forever be the most exceptional artist to come from this nation, not just for her incredible talent, but also for her boundless compassion. Thank you Shakira for your generous contributions to the children of Colombia.”

After the event was announced, Shakira posted on her social media to share the news of the $160 million project with her global fan base.

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A well-known figure from Colombia reveals a $16 million collaboration through social media.

The artist used her Instagram profile to post a video discussing her intentions to assist children globally.

The city of Barranquilla. She also stated.

“Returning to Barranquilla is always a wonderful feeling, especially now as we celebrate the opening of a new Barefoot school that will benefit 1050 students. Our sincere gratitude goes to our partners Fundacion FC Barcelona, La Caixa LaSalle College Foundation, Mayor Pumarejo, Mayor of Barranquilla, and the Secretary of Education for their collaborative efforts and investment in the future of Colombian children.”

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Shakira has achieved significant accomplishments in both her music career and philanthropic efforts. As a successful artist, she remains a controversial figure in Colombia. Through her Barefoot Foundation, she has made significant contributions to her community and plans to continue doing so in the future.

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Shakira received extensive acclaim for her philanthropic work after collaborating on a project worth $16 million with Gerard Pique’s former team.