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Lee Westwood shares his honest opinion on the tension caused by Patrick Cantlay’s notorious Ryder Cup disagreement, dampening the atmosphere for the 2023 Ryder Cup.

Last Friday, supporters of golf from both the United States and Europe were confused when they saw American golfer Patrick Cantlay not wearing his team’s hat. A report from a British media source on Saturday revealed that the current world number 5 is purposely not wearing a hat to show his dissatisfaction with not receiving compensation for representing his country. Despite explanations from US team captain Zach Johnson and Cantlay himself, this issue continues to gain attention.

Lee Westwood, a legendary Ryder Cup player, recently shared his thoughts on the event. Using his signature humor, he recalled a past Ryder Cup where he played without wearing a hat and shared a comical reason for his choice.

Lee Westwood showcases his unmistakably British wit.

Lee Westwood, a player who has participated in the Ryder Cup for Europe 11 times, is known for being open and making funny remarks. Recently, the ex-top ranked player made a playful comment about the excessive speculation surrounding what he believes to be a minor matter.

Cantlay faced criticism for not wearing a hat at the Ryder Cup, but this is not a new or unusual occurrence. In 2016 at Hazeltine National, many European players, including Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, and Rory McIlroy, also chose not to wear hats. These players are all respected legends in the Ryder Cup.

The experienced golfer from Europe mentioned the event in a recent post on social media. When discussing why he chose to go without a hat, the seven-time Ryder Cup champion stated, “I didn’t wear one during the tournament because I wanted to tan my forehead.”

Interestingly, it is not a strict rule for Ryder Cup players to wear team hats during the game. Westwood’s subtle sarcastic remark about the situation seems to convey many things without directly addressing it. Cantlay must be pleased to have support from a European Ryder Cup player.

Patrick Cantlay gives his version of events.

th hole

Following the news report from a British media source, the enthusiastic European fans at Marco Simone began enthusiastically greeting the American golfer by waving their hats at almost every hole. In response, Cantlay reciprocated after sinking a 43-foot birdie putt on the 18th

Reviving and involving the USA in the game, to a certain degree.

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There were mixed responses from golf fans following the incident of Patrick Cantlay being heckled, with some saying it was not meant to be hateful.

Afterwards, when speaking to reporters, the golfer who has won the PGA Tour eight times, clarified why he chose not to wear the team hat. Evidently, the hat provided by the team does not fit him, plain and simple. He also did not wear it during the last Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits for the same reason, as he mentioned being a two-time Ryder Cup player.

During the last day of competition, the USA team is aiming for a remarkable comeback against Europe in order to maintain possession of the Ryder Cup. The players under Zach Johnson’s leadership will need to ignore any negative remarks and concentrate on their performance.

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Lee Westwood shared his honest opinion on the tension between Patrick Cantlay and the 2023 Ryder Cup, causing the vibes for the event to be affected.