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“Comparing Shaq’s Size to Zhang’s Average Height”: Following a Viral Meeting with Female UFC Champion, NBA Icon Shaquille O’Neal’s Encounter with Interim Heavyweight Boxing Champion Creates a Buzz on the Internet.

Videos of Shaquille O’Neal’s recent encounter with UFC Strawweight champion Zhang Weili gained widespread attention. This was followed by an intriguing report of his meeting with boxing’s rising star, Zhilei Zhang. The current (interim) WBO Heavyweight champion made headlines after a thrilling victory over Joe Joyce in their rematch. This brought attention to the impressive status of these two sports icons among their respective fan bases.

A brief video snippet from the X post features the famous basketball player greeting Zhang. In response, ‘Big Bang’ welcomed him to China. O’Neal also admired the impressive muscles of the heavyweight boxer. One of the reporters in attendance recalled O’Neal’s previous sparring match with Oscar De La Hoya and asked if he had felt any of the former champion’s punches. O’Neal responded with a no, having played for the LA Lakers and Miami Heat in the past.

The Meeting of Two Titans: Shaquille O’Neal and Zhile Zhang Come Face to Face

The height of Shaquille O’Neal has left this user in awe, as it makes the 6-foot-6-inch Zhilei Zhang appear to be just an average-sized person.

For the first time, a fan has witnessed O’Neal standing next to someone who is not significantly shorter than the former basketball center.

The latest follower seems to have noticed the atmosphere. He noted that Zhilei Zhang did an excellent job of using his typical southpaw stance when facing O’Neal, just in case he needed to demonstrate some Chinese strength.

Inspired by a similar idea, another user imagined a situation where Shaquille O’Neal was a boxer. If that were to occur, it would be comparable to Marvel’s Thanos causing destruction. The user expressed.

Based on this fan’s opinion, it would currently be too challenging for Zhilei Zhang to face someone like Deontay Wilder.

Shaquille O’Neal, a well-known enthusiast of mixed martial arts, has attended several UFC events. He playfully suggested a potential fight with South Korean kickboxer and mixed martial artist Hong Man Choi. O’Neal frequently credits his martial arts training as a contributing factor to his success in winning four NBA championships.

Shortly after defeating Joe Joyce in the third round, Zhile Zhang asked the audience if they would be interested in seeing him face off against Tyson Fury. It remains to be seen whether current world champion Fury or other top Heavyweights like Deontay Wilder will accept his challenge. In a recent interview, Eddie Hearn suggested that a fight between Zhang and Anthony Joshua could also be an option.

“Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, has sparked controversy with his bold comments about Zhilei Zhang’s potential knockout of Oleksandr Usyk.”

What are your thoughts on the responses? In your personal opinion, who do you think Zhang should face in their next fight? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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