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171 days after referring to LeBron James as “Old,” Dillon Brooks’ recent behavior confuses NBA fans: “How did he earn 80 million?”

Dillon Brooks is a polarizing player in the NBA, to put it mildly. The previous season was a disaster for Brooks as the Memphis Grizzlies failed to make it to the playoffs and became the subject of ridicule throughout the league. In addition, Brooks made a remark about LeBron James’ age during their game against the Lakers.

Following his elimination by LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooks was let go from Memphis. This decision was met with heavy media attention and criticism from the public. However, he was later picked up by the Houston Rockets. Currently, fans are upset with the 27-year-old for displaying similar behavior in Houston.

Dillion Brooks attempts to replicate the Grizzlies’ ‘Griddy’ in his time with the Houston Rockets.

Following the flood of negative comments Brooks faced during the previous season, there are signs of improvement. At the recently concluded FIBA World Cup, Brooks was recognized as the Best Defensive Player for his performance.

Despite Canada’s loss to Germany in the Finals, the accomplishment remains noteworthy. However, fans are uncertain if the Brooks can truly perform in Houston. The official Instagram page of the Houston Rockets shared a video of Brooks dancing alongside his teammates. His moves and facial expressions are reminiscent of when he used to dance his way to games with Ja Morant and the Grizzlies Crew. The caption read, “let’s get hyped DB.”


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The Houston Rockets shared a post.

“An athlete from a university sponsored by LeBron James, representing the USA’s NBA, was awarded MVP at the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters.”

Although the team appears to enjoy Dillion Brooks’ dancing style, some fans are worried about his Villian Brooks persona becoming a reality.

Brook’s actions have left fans confused.

The Instagram video’s comment section is filled with perplexed fans sharing their thoughts. A fan comments, “His dancing abilities surpass his basketball skills.” Another fan wonders, “How did he earn 80 million?” questioning his contract. However, not all comments were critical, as one user stated, “I actually enjoyed watching Brooks play for Memphis even though others hated him. He seems like a fun person and a great teammate. I guess some people don’t understand the importance of camaraderie in sports.”

A different supporter expressed a similar opinion, saying, “You all may criticize DB or not like him, but you can’t deny that this man knows how to vibe and get his team hyped.” The 27-year-old appears to be at ease in his position with the Houston team. However, only time will reveal if he will truly benefit the team or if it is all just for show.

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Dillon Brooks’ recent actions have left NBA fans confused, especially considering his previous comment about LeBron James’ age. Many are wondering how he managed to secure an $80 million deal. This post was originally published 171 days ago on EssentiallySports.