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“Toto’s Refusal to Follow Lewis Hamilton’s Advice Causes Uproar, Blamed on Wolff During George Russell’s Defiant Act”

Last weekend, Formula 1 moved from the challenging Marina Bay circuit to the beloved Suzuka track. During this transition, the intense competition between Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell shifted from physical to symbolic. This signifies the growing rivalry between the two, which has been simmering for over a year. Despite initial expectations, their pairing has only recently become heated, largely due to the actions of Mercedes’ team leader.

Toto Wolff was not present at the Japanese GP. He trusted capable individuals to manage everything, but things did not go as smoothly as expected. Mercedes came close to falling apart, largely due to Russell’s defiance in Suzuka. The team leader had to intervene and put out the fire, a predicament for which he can only hold himself accountable.

at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton was aware of the consequences that would ensue if George Russell were to join him at Mercedes.

At the Suzuka race, the two Mercedes drivers qualified in seventh and eighth place, with Hamilton ahead of Russell. However, during the race it became clear that their main competition was the Ferrari team. Despite this, Russell had other intentions and attempted to outperform Hamilton. Their intense battle, which almost resulted in multiple collisions, had the Mercedes pit crew on edge. As they were on different strategies towards the end of the race, Russell was reluctant to let Hamilton pass him. This prompted team principal Toto Wolff to intervene, even though he was not physically present at Suzuka, and instructed the young British driver to make way for Hamilton.

Peter Windsor, a journalist for F1, talked about the consequences of the conflict on Cameron F1’s YouTube channel. He stated,

“If [Mercedes] possesses a car that has won a championship, there is a significant challenge that Mercedes must confront. This challenge is the competition between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.” There’s no secret tensions are rising in the Mercedes garage, and Windsor feels that’s down to Wolff’s 2021 decision.

Once Toto made the decision to ignore Lewis and replace Valtteri [Bottas] with George, it became clear that there was no solution to the problem. This is due to George’s known speed and aggressive nature.

Lewis did not want to keep Valtteri solely for the purpose of having someone he could easily defeat. Valtteri had proven himself by beating Lewis at times and driving well. The main factor in keeping Valtteri was that he would not disrupt Lewis’ performance. However, as time has passed, it has become a hindrance to Lewis’ style. added Windsor. With Bottas in the team, Hamilton felt this balance in the team, which has now gone missing. With Russell and his intentions of beating Hamilton, the seven-time champion is off-kilter in a team he’s been at the forefront of for the past decade. 

Toto Wolff’s favoritism towards Lewis Hamilton over George Russell has put him in a difficult position with Mercedes, causing embarrassment.

Although Hamilton and Russell may disagree on this matter, they have expressed their commitment to working together towards a shared objective.


Hamilton and Russell share a common goal for the current season.

Similar to the situation at Suzuka, Mercedes and Ferrari are currently engaged in a fierce battle for the top spot in the long-term competition, known as the Constructors’ Championship. Mercedes has held a strong grip on second place for a considerable amount of time, but Ferrari has recently closed the gap significantly since the summer break. Following the Japanese Grand Prix, Ferrari is now just 20 points behind Mercedes. This is due in part to Charles Leclerc’s fourth place finish and Carlos Sainz’s sixth place finish, earning them four more points than Mercedes. Despite any tension between teammates George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, they both have confidence in their ability to surpass Ferrari and secure second place in the championship.

Following the race, Hamilton stated,

Our main objective is to outperform the Ferraris in the Constructors’ Championship. That is our top priority. Our focus is not on securing a driver’s spot in the championship. Instead, we are solely focused on earning the highest number of points for our team. I believe we achieved that goal here.
Paraphrasing, Russell stated in agreement with the seven-time champion’s sentiment,

Ultimately, our goal is to earn the highest number of points achievable. Personally, I have accepted that winning the Driver’s Championship is not feasible this season. Our focus is on securing second place as a team, surpassing Ferrari.

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